Ordo ab Chao [Order from Chaos]

[NWO all out takeover of USA begins end of intermediate stage by Sher Zieve renewamerica.com] "We have before us the opportunity to forge for ourselves and future generations a New World Order...a world where the rule of law, not the law of the jungle, governs the conduct of nations. When we are successful – and we will be – we have a real chance at this New World Order in which a credible United Nations can use its "peacekeeping role" to fulfill the promise envisioned by the UN founders" – President George H.W. Bush 11 September 1990

Must destroy America and destroy Western Civilization. Even with the dumbing-down of humans worldwide, Western Civilization has become too literate and – therefore – too dangerous for the New World Order. There are, quite simply, still not enough of the devolved to ensure the complete success of and for the NWO. Therefore, the globalists have been forcing these uneducated savages (Islam as a whole is a devolved society of considerably uneducated and ideologically violent individuals) into Western nations in order to subvert their governments, create lawless societies and replace the current civilized inhabitants..." Full text: NWO all out takeover of USA begins end of intermediate stage Gen. 11:5–9, Am 8:5, Re 13:1-18 


One World Government/Religion


I Want to Believe

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Dire Warnings From Past U.S. Presidents and Other High-Profile Leaders About an “Invisible Government” That Runs the U.S. With “No Allegiance To the People”

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Too many Christian people have a focus upon a perceived threat of these plans of man, bringing forth the tyranny of antichrist, when man does not have that power, in the first place.

This will all go down when God says it goes down. He's God's devil (Luther). Ps 37:13

WonderfulLordJesus View Post Fear is a predominant driving force in humanity that will pervert minds in the worst ways, the most evil men in history the most fearful, to paranoia.

No. They don't have a proper fear. Maybe you mean cowardice. They've got plenty of that.

"Ps 36:1 no fear. This is the opposite of the attitude which characterizes true disciples. The word here is actually “dread” or “terror” (cf. Deut. 2:25; Ps. 119:120; Is. 2:10, 19, 21; etc.)." MacArthur, J., Jr. (Ed.). (1997). The MacArthur Study Bible (electronic ed., p. 773). Nashville, TN: Word Pub.

"Nobody calls me chicken." ~ Marty McFly, Back to the Future

The Horn View Post There is no "New World Order " threatening to "destroy civilization."...

Depends on what the meaning of civilization is. Re 13:1-18

Europe 'At End of Existence' Eccl 10:2, Jn 10:10  

NWO: Starts in Dallas

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Obama [Gog]

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[Image:  Georgia Guidestones] Today is the 9th of AV


Riots Temple Mount  

Agenda 21, The Plan To Kill You – David Icke

"Rise Of The Illuminati" The Coming Apocalypse with Hagmann and Hagmann 

Rise of the Beast: UN Agenda of the 71st Regular Session Re 13:1-18

Thousands of Worldwide Marriage Encounter Couples Join with Pope Francis for a Year of Mercy Special Event at the Vatican Pr 20:6, Jer 16:2

As tensions rise, tribes protesting Dakota Access pipeline dig in: 'We're staying'

Battle for territory but the same end game: Chinese, Russian officials at head of Interpol for 1st time  


“We have to stand up to anti-Catholic bias…We’ve got to come together not only as a nation but as a world community.”
~ Donald Trump  

McCain, Graham Call for ‘Stronger Sanctions’ on Russia for ‘Attack’ on US

Trump Is Working On A Plan To Restructure, Pare Back The CIA And America's Top Spy Agency  


Donald Trump & Conspiracy Theories

Trump wonders why FBI never requested access to the DNC’s ‘hacked servers’  

‘Who gave them this and why?’ Trump blasts leaks of top secret report on ‘Russian hacking’

Feds Announce Takeover of US Electoral Process 

FBI Deletes Details About Hacking Effort in Document Release  

Assange blasts 'embarrassing' US intel report, insists Russia not his source  

‘Insider leaks, not Russian hacking’: CIA & MI5 veterans discuss ODNI report on RT  

McCain: ‘I Don’t Know’ If Trump-Russia Dossier ‘Credible,’ That’s Why I Gave It to the FBI  

Intelligence Chief Tells Trump He's Dismayed by Leaks  

"I am shocked..." ~ Casablanca

Chinese leader meets Davos elite as voters revolt 

Trump Denounces ‘Phony Spies’ and ‘Sleazebag’ Political Operatives 

Greenwald: "Unelected, Very Powerful Faction" Of Intelligence Officials In "Open Warfare" With Trump

CIA director lectures Trump to watch his mouth  

Trump Team Shunning Davos Meeting of World’s Economic Elite  

Trump calls CIA chief ‘fake news leaker’ after Brennan warns him about ‘talking & tweeting’   

Trump adviser tells elite: listen to the people Deut. 32:8

Germany says NATO concerned about Trump 'obsolete' remark

Lil' Rubio: NATO ‘Not Obsolete,’ ‘As Important as It’s Been Since the End of the Cold War’  

Kerry: Trump Administration Will Last ‘A Year, Two Years, Whatever’  

Chump meeting with CIA on first full day in office Am 8:5


Donald Trump & Conspiracy Theories

balut55 View Post Trump will last until antichrist takes over from ten kings.
I don't think you or I can say how long Trump will last (your word). I do know that if you or I threated to blow up the White House as Madonna did, we'd have a visit from the authorities. Remember the good ol' days when you couldn't threaten your president and get away with it? 2 Thess. 2:7, 8

US exit from United Nations could become reality with fresh bill  

Behind closed doors, RePublican lawmakers fret about how to repeal Obamacare 

New U.S. UN envoy warns allies: back us or we'll take names 1 Ti 2:1-2

McCain calls Australian ambassador to express support after Trump exchange Am 8:5  

Records: Soros Fund Execs Funded Paul Ryan, Marco Rubio, Jeb Bush, John McCain, John Kasich, Lindsey Graham in 2016 

Coulter: House passed six Obamacare repeals when Obama was president! Now nothing. Ex 20:15

Congress Crawl

...Tax Cuts Stall Am 8:5  

Congress Stalls Trump Agenda  

The Wall Street Journal’s Globalist Siren Song to Trump: Abandon Steve Bannon and We’ll Love You  

WikiLeaks publish 1000s of what it says are CIA documents

...CIA can mimic Russian cyber hack  

FBI Investigating WikiLeaks’ CIA   Am 8:5  

Audio Emerges of When Paul Ryan Abandoned Donald Trump: ‘I Am Not Going to Defend Donald Trump—Not Now, Not in the Future’ 
RePublicans emerge as Trump biggest obstacle
CIA’s NightSkies tool can hack, remotely control iPhones without user knowing