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[After posting a 64 character hex code that is believed to be an encryption key, the internet worries that the famed whistleblower may have been killed or captured resulting in the triggering of a dead man’s switch and potentially the release of many more US national secrets. Sputnik] "Famed NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden tweeted out a 64 character code before quickly deleting the message along with a mysterious warning earlier this week that “It’s Time” which had called on colleagues of the former contractor to contact him leaving the internet to speculate that the characters could be an encryption key for a major document leak, it may be a “dead man’s switch” set to go in effect if the whistleblower were killed or captured, or potentially both.

A dead man’s switch is a message set up to be automatically sent if the holder of an account does not perform a regular check-in. The whistleblower has acknowledged that he has distributed encrypted files to journalists and associates that have not yet been released so in Snowden’s case, the dead man’s switch could be an encryption key for those files.

As of this time, Edward Snowden’s Twitter account has gone silent for over 24 hours which is far from unprecedented for the whistleblower but is curious at a time when public concern has been raised over his well-being. The 64 hex characters in the code do appear to rule out the initial theory that Edward Snowden, like so many of us, simply butt dialed his phone, but instead is a clearly a secure hash algorithm that can serve as a signature for a data file or as a password.

The timing shortly after the "It’s Time" tweet also have caused concern for some Reddit theorists such as a user named stordoff who believes that the nascent Twitter post "was intended to set something in motion." The user postulates that it is an encrypted message, a signal, or a password..." Full text: After posting a 64 character hex code that is believed to be an encryption key, the internet worries that the famed whistleblower may have been killed or captured resulting in the triggering of a dead man’s switch and potentially the release of many more US national secrets. Am 8:5, Lk 12:2-3



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Information is the bulwark against overweening government intrusion and power. It is a shame that our public institutions had managed to keep their activities secret from our elected representatives.

Snowden's actions were essential and an unavoidable correction in the balance of power between the government and the people.

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Only a few days after Hawaii. Coincidence? I think not.

No, not a coincidence.

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...The head of the snake needs to be cut off completely.

The pope. :olinger:

Assange Internet Connection Cut off in Embassy 

Reply to American Intelligence Media

You unashamedly refer to yourself as a Jesuit? :squint: Re 18:4 

[Asked to do this]

By your Jesuit :olinger: friends? Jud 11

We're showing you who the bad people are...

Jesuits are the bad people (Eph 5:11). :dizzy: 


How the Vatican Created Islam  

The Vatican Creation of Islam for the Persecution of Jews & Christians  

Hitler's Pope:  Pope Pius XII   

@Chai Long Hua  

Anybody have opinion of John Bolton?

Warmonger.  Trump selected a Catholic VP who never repented of all his religion (Re 18:4).  :olinger:  Now you know why the US is not in prophecy.   

Reply to Xenomorphing

Does the US have kill codes?

Just that incoming space station made in China.  

Reply to Citizens Investigative Report

I don’t care who Q is.

I don’t either :idunno: --as long as it’s not Kushner :shocked: —other than that; doesn’t matter. :juggle: 

Reply to Nemo V

Only a Jesuit would say it’s illegal to tell the truth (Jud 11).  :dizzy:  I agree with you—keep listening to the enemy’s claims (Re 17).  She’ll be burning soon (Re 18). :olinger:

Q is probably Trump and his friends in the intelligence community.  That’s why all the cocky Qisms.  As long as he’s not Kushner—then he’s fooling us all. backstab photo thbackstab.gif

Christians don’t know who the Antichrist is.  We’ll be gone before he’s revealed.  :rapture: All we can do is give you our best guess.  He enforces the so-called peace treaty.  

Jesuit, Douglas Gabriel (American Intelligence Media) :olinger: Threatens Jason Goodman Jason Goodman  

#QAnon - Mother of all Post Dumps - Posts 996-1028 Citizens Investigative Report  

InQuisitive Socratic Response to Current Events #1029-1041 Seething Frog

Reply to Destroying the Illusion

[Meaning 5:5]

Read you loud and clear. 

Reply to Citizens Investigative Report

Those comments that you read from the New York Slimes article—similar to what I overheard so-called family members gossip about me at our Resurrection Sunday Dinner. :o

These people are stupid—now we know why a Jacob’s Trouble/Great Tribulation is necessary.  They’ll do better without their heads (Re 13:7).

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Walled Lake, Michigan. Crooked little city in a head dive into Weed out of financial need.

My city is on the Q map--Saudi Aurora (Colorado). 

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I'm very interested in connecting with other Christians and discussing best methods to red pill our Christian friends. So far, I've found very few Christians who are familiar with Q. With over 1,000 Q-posts, we need good and effective starting point with key ideas so as not to overwhelm. Let's strategize together. Ephesians 6:12

They'll need the Holy Spirit (Ro 8:14). 

Maga & Q Updates 4.7.18 - Trump & Q: "We will Win Soon." / Trade War, Vegas, Shadow War Casualties Nemo V

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...[I]t also loops SES into the picture....
Who are you listening to? AIM? SES is small potatoes compared to the Vatican. If Trump was serious about winning, he'd bomb them (Jud 11). 

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Any plan, by any group of people that passes your standard.
:yawn: Who cares about my standard? Eph 4:14 What about God’s standard? :Poly:
[Mil plans]
Prophecy is unfolding. Has Trump :greedy: dressed in sackcloth and ashes? Kicked that hoe out of the WH? Rom. 7:2, 3 No. America is not getting out of this one. She’s too proud and too depraved (Pr 14:34).