[Lady Gaga’s Super Bowl halftime show rumored to use ‘hundreds of drones’ by James Dator |] "Lady Gaga is known for theatrics and raw entertainment, and when it comes time to the Super Bowl halftime show it seems like we’re going to get something we have never seen before. According to CNN Tech the show will feature not one, or ten — but hundreds of lit up drones.

According to the report, clearance was obtained from the FAA to allow the drones to fly during the halftime show. Previously the FAA had issued a ban around the stadium and its surrounding areas.

The Verge found a video recorded near the stadium earlier in the week. It appears to show several drones flying in close formation and showing a “G” in the sky. Presumably this video would have captured rehearsal for the halftime show..." Full text: Lady Gaga’s Super Bowl halftime show rumored to use ‘hundreds of drones’ Eph 6:12


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