Gore likens 'global warming' skeptics to racists, supporters of apartheid and homophobia

Climate Change Alarmists

[Al Gore explains why he’s optimistic about stopping global warming] "...Well, I think the most important part of it is winning the conversation. I remember as a boy when the conversation on civil rights was won in the South. I remember a time when one of my friends made a racist joke and another said, hey man, we don’t go for that anymore. The same thing happened on apartheid. The same thing happened on the nuclear arms race with the freeze movement. The same thing happened in an earlier era with abolition. A few months ago, I saw an article about two gay men standing in line for pizza and some homophobe made an ugly comment about them holding hands and everyone else in line told them to shut up. We’re winning that conversation.

The conversation on global warming has been stalled because a shrinking group of denialists fly into a rage when it’s mentioned..." Full text:
Al Gore explains why he’s optimistic about stopping global warming Am 8:5

"All left wing hysterias involve bigger government." - Dennis Prager
Ge 8:22

Homosexuality is: forbidden (
Lev. 18:22), considered an abomination (1 Kin. 14:24), punishment for (Lev. 20:13), unclean (Rom. 1:24, 26, 27).


Planet X 

Lyin' NASA

Two Witnesses 


Study: Wind farms killed 67 eagles in 5 years


Response to comment [from an atheist]: "...Gore makes a clumsy comparison and some magnificent birds are killed by windmills, so therefore global warming is a myth?"


The earth is warmed by the sun. So is Mars.


Global Warming


Study: Wind farms killed 67 eagles in 5 years


Response to comment [from a Muslim]: "You are by far the most ignorant member of this forum..."


Ad hominem


"...[Y]ou have a lot to learn from Gore..."


"I'm super cereal."

"...[W]hat was the point of the OP?"

To thank Al Gore for inventing the internet.

Response to comment [from a Christian]:  "Earth Gains A Record Amount Of Sea Ice In 2013 — ‘Earth has gained 19,000 Manhattans of sea ice since this date last year, the largest increase on record’.  Raw data available. Unlike the climate gate hoaxers trying to pull of socialism via made up weather."

"Being on the Left means never having to say you're sorry." ~ Dennis Prager Eccl 10:2, Jn 10:10

Al Gore 'extreme' weather and other "extreme events'

LA Times Will Not Publish Letters from Global Warming Deniers

Gore wades into Oz debate linking bushfires and climate

Atlantic hurricane season quietest in 45 years

Aussie PM: carbon tax is 'socialism'

Wind Turbines Blamed in Deaths of 600,000 Bats in '12

Solar Panels Fry Birds Along Major Migration Path

Prairies vanish in the US push for green energy

Islamic groups using 'global warming' fears to increase recruitment  


Liberty, Free Markets and Peace


Green energy could crash power grid, officials say  

President allows wind farms to kill more eagles  

Global Warming: Coldest Temp Ever Recorded -135.8°

Reddit bans comments from global warming skeptics

2013 Will Finish One Of Ten Coldest Years In US History

Global Warming Researcher Gets Stuck in Ice

Ice that Al Gore said would be gone by this year

Out: 98% of Network Stories Ignore That Ice-bound Ship Was On 'Global Warming' Mission

Climate Change Groups Seek New Leadership as Movement Loses Steam

Al Sharpton dons white lab coat, explains global warming

Norwegian bay froze so quickly -- fish swimming in it froze solid

Coldest Month in Century

CNN's Tapper to Obama: What Happened to Lowering the Oceans? Were You Naïve?

"Being on the Left means never having to say you're sorry." ~ Dennis Prager Eccl 10:2, Jn 10:10

Two-thirds of U.S. submerged in snow, ice, rain

White House launches 'climate hubs'

Alaska Warmer than Lower 48 States

4,406 record cold temperatures in January; 1,073 Snowfall records

Great Lakes Record Ice Cover

Most Ice in 20 Years

Over two-thirds of continental USA covered

Gore warns Kansas: 'Dust Bowl coming back, quickly, unless we act'

Report: 'Green energy' buildings in D.C. consume more power

Niagara Falls Freezes

Global Warming Will Not Cost the Earth, Leaked IPCC Report Admits

Crackdown ordered on UK climate skeptics

The Snowiest Winter

'Global warming' biggest science scandal ever  

Al Gore: ManBearPig Deniers Must be Punished

Middle schoolers trudge through snow storm to hear 'global warming' speech

FEMA toys with denying disaster funds for states that doubt global warming

Lefty lawmaker warns: Climate change makes women prostitutes

Response to comment [from a Pinko Commie]:

"Those skeptics of 'global warming' tend to have the same "mind set" on other issues."

True (Eccl 10:2, Jn 10:10).


Left vs. Right: Political and Religious Divisions

Time's up: UN scientists issue 8 year tipping point to act on 'global warming'

Climate Alarmists Fudge Data to Eliminate 18-Year ‘Pause’ in Global Warming 

Obama plans more 'executive actions' on environment

...Will use IRS Ge 8:22, Ex 20:15

 Scientists warn sun will 'go to sleep' in 2030

Temperatures to plummet

After Iran Win, Obama Plans Aggressive Action On Climate

Response to comment [from a Christian]:

"It's a sad statement on our society that Al Gore didn't become irrelevant after his failed Presidential bid."

Al Gore is always relevant. He invented the internet.  

 "He betrayed this country. He played on our fears." ~ Al Gore

Scientists Ask Obama To Prosecute 'Global Warming' Skeptics 

 Pope Francis:  Addressing Climate Change "Can no longer be left to a future generation" Ge 8:222 Pet. 2:1


Pope Francis: 'Revolution' needed to combat climate change

"All Americans, from every background and every faith, value the role that the Catholic Church plays in strengthening America."  ~ Barack Obama


One World Government/Religion

Top International Lawyer: Make Climate Change Illegal And Silence Skeptics Forever

John Kerry Predicts Millions Of ‘Climate Refugees’ Will Need Special Status

Gore: 'Global warming' making people dumber

UN planning court for 'climate justice'

Top meteorologist who questioned global warming fired

Exxon Investigated for 'Climate' Crimes Ge 8:22


Bolivia gives legal rights to the Earth

Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid arrive in Bolivia

Response to comment [from other]:

"The fired person was NOT as meteorologist, rather he was a journalist-presenter. You really should check what you post for at least a plausible level of accuracy. "

The article states he is a "top French meteorologist".

[Believes error in article]

"Ten seconds on Google/Wikipedia reveals..."

Wikipedia is not a source to be used. Anyone can edit it.

"...his bio as a journalist and TV weather presenter.  (Don't tell me that warming denier site 'climatedepot.com' is misrepresenting the guy's credentials for a headline! Tell me it ain't so!)."

Kinda funny lookin' ~ Fargo

"That's why I used it to find the guy's home page..."

You can wait outside his front door, too.

Gore hosting 24-hour live climate webcast from Eiffel Tower

Feed cut after 5 hours; terror interrupted

Prince Charles: 'Climate change' root cause of Syrian war

Flashback: Scientist Declared 'Global Warming' Caused Hitler

"Our biggest threat is those who say that global warming is our biggest threat." ~ Dennis Prager Ge 8:22, Eccl 10:2, Jn 10:10

Response to comment [from a Christian]: ""

I'm cereal.  ~ Al Gore, South Park

Who's the dumb one? Obama reacts to Trump climate criticism

Climate Negotiators Hail 'Historic' Paris Draft Agreement Ps 83

Blow to fossil fuels

Satellites to police gas emissions

BBC removes radiohost after mocks 'warming'

Head of Russian Orthodox church quizzes penguin on Antarctica visit  

White House Warns ‘Thousands to Tens of Thousands of Additional Heat-Related Deaths’ Coming from Climate Change

Prof.: 'Climate change deniers deserve punishment' Ge 8:22

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They are similar in that they all seek to achieve a sense of their own self-worth and self-righteousness by denying and belittling the worth of others...

They don't buy into your climate hysteria (Ge 8:22).


Global Warming

As a reminder PureX is number 37 on Satan, Inc. (TOL Heretics list) in "The 'Jesus is not God' people (Non-trinitarians) category.

Dem AGs, climate change groups colluded on prosecuting dissenters

Bill Nye Warns Moviegoers to Shun Climate Skeptic Film

Weather Channel founder slams 'pretend scientist in bow tie'

An Inconvenient Review: After 10 Years Al Gore’s Film Is Still Alarmingly Inaccurate  

Dem AG Targets 90 Conservative Groups in Climate Change Racketeering Suit

School board bans 'climate change-denying materials'

‘It’s Not Fair’ Obama Apologizes For Western Civilization’s Contributions To Climate Change

Also see:

Ex-HAARP Engineer Reveals Links Between HAARP, CERN, Wind Turbines, Fracking & The Space Fence

Obama: Prepare to Flee Climate-Caused Hurricane Devastation


Vatican Telescope

Obama [Gog]

Planet X

Obama Warns: Manhattan Will Be ‘Underwater’ If We Don’t Act On Climate Change

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[See: Planet X ] [Climate News Flooding NYC]

Climate changes.
Why do you think that is?

Obama Falsely Links Fires to Climate Change at Yosemite

Obama Warns Mark Zuckerberg: Planet Will Be Under Water if World Doesn’t Change

Scientists FlipFlop Back to Global Cooling?
gcthomas View Post [Cooling]
If you're not going in the rapture ( no oil in your lamp foolish virgin), better head for a safe space.
Like a Virgin ~ Madonna


Planet X

First meat-free city?

...Protect environment


One World Government/Religion

No Mary Worship/No Dirt Worship

Believe the Lie

Obama Attendance at Paris 'Climate Change' Conference Cost Taxpayers $2,976,296.20

Scientist Predicts 'Global Cooling' Ahead

Climate Alarmist: Why won't you believe my propaganda?

George Soros paid Al Gore millions to lie about global warming  

gcthomas View Post
I clicked on your link an 15 user trackers loaded onto my computer. Are you getting paid per click?

That's terrible. You'd better (Ro 14:4, Ps 105:15) report me --or you could get Norton.

...Petrochemical billionaires, the Koch brothers, have funded Americans for Prosperity, The Heritage Foundation, the Cato Institute, and the Manhattan Institute, all of which continue to lie about global warming.

Explain what's happening to the planet. We're all ears. Why is NASA predicting earthquakes by the way? Eccl 10:2, Jn 10:10


Lyin' NASA: The Donald & Conspiracy Theories

Norton? Isn't that for Windows viruses and trojans and other malware? Your link used multiple trackers — different things.

Then you have a case to make.

"Truth is hate to those who hate the truth." ~ Bob Enyart Mk 9:41, Dan 10:13, Ps 105:15, Ro 14:4, Mk 6:11, Is 45:24, 54:17, Re 12:10, Mt 13:7, Jud 1:9

Your link doesn't seem to mention NASA. Do you want to try again?

You'd have to read a little closer. Or, you could use the Google.

You directed me to a site that uses fifteen as time as many trackers that can track you across multiple sites than ToL uses.

It can't be worse than Breitbart.

...I only asked if you were getting a cut for the personal data you were directing their way.

No and you're welcome.

Truth is hate to those who... disagree with Bob. To be more accurate.

I disagree with Bob. What's your point?

Why should I do your work? You made the claim, after all, and you linked me to a page of links, and none appeared to mention NASA as you claimed.

The link works fine. You didn't read the thread. Like mama's special pasta sauce--it's in there.

You believe it's Al Gore. I believe it's something else.

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Some scientists in NASA have made a prediction that there will be a 99.9% chance of an earthquake 6.0 or larger in California before April 2018.

Because it's space-related. Between now and Dec if it's this year.

First, the left coast.

Obama: Climate Change ‘Could Mean No More Glaciers In Glacier National Park,’ Threaten the Statue of Liberty  

gcthomas View Post
I found the original paper, and it turns out (who'd of guessed?) that it is not "NASA says..." paper but one written by a bunch of geologists, and some author credit was given to JPL (a division of NASA) because they supplied satellite imaging and GPS resources and expertise.

But I'd bet that you haven't even skimmed the paper's abstract, have you? How can you tell it's a lie when you have no understanding of what the paper says? Numpty.

Your article is from 2015.

He was probably referring to this article (18 Aug 2016). And no, I do not look to NASA for the truth.

You can disagree with it all you'd like. The issues isn't--is it coming. The issue is--why is it coming? You think it's the fat, windbag. I don't. Ge 8:22

[Same disinformation, I do not look to NASA for the truth ] ...do read them, it'd save me time pointing out the blindingly obvious all the time.

It'll get obvious for you soon--between now and December.

[Obama: Climate Change ‘Could Mean No More Glaciers In Glacier National Park,’ Threaten the Statue of Liberty Ge 8:22] Third hand scientific quotes are sooo 20th century. Original sources are IN.

You believe CIA operative Barry. I do not. 1 Thess 5:3

... I prefer reality...

You'll get some reality (1 Thess 5:3).

Professors tell students drop out if dispute 'climate change' Jn 8:36

University of Colorado Bans Free Inquiry of Students Questioning Global Warming

You believe it is man-caused global warming. I do not.

"I prefer clarity to agreement." ~ Dennis Prager


Planet X

Silence the Critic

Obama tells DiCaprio climate change 'contributed' to Syrian war

Al Gore Declares Climate War on Donald Trump

UN bans skeptical journalists from climate summit for holding views not ‘particularly helpful’

France’s Sarkozy Urges Tax On US Goods If Trump Exits Paris Deal

Donald Trump looms large over future of climate action

My Unhappy Life as a Climate Heretic

Trump ignores Gore’s advice, instead picks skeptic to head EPA & dismantle climate agenda  

Environmentalist Hyperventilates When Tucker Asks Simple Question  

Catholic Priests Expected to Preach 'Global Warming'

Report: Obama Fired Top Scientist to Advance Global Warming Hysteria

...Intimidated staff 'ordered to obstruct Congress' Am 8:5, 2 Thess. 2:7, 8

Obama bans oil drilling 'permanently' in millions of acres of ocean

Trump & Prince Charles in Climate Storm

U.N. Official Admits Global Warming Agenda Is Really About Destroying Capitalism Re 13:1-18

Climate Change Caused Brexit Explains Al Gore

Environmentalists Aren’t Just Wrong. They’re Loathsome And Evil Too  

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I love the climate change. I live up north and we haven't had a blizzard this year. Spring has come a couple of weeks early. It is beautiful outside and the April Showers in March will bring the May flowers in April. It's glorious. Keep this up and we will have elephants in Alaska by 2200...

:thumb: This has nothing to do with ManBearPig and everything to do with so-called Planet X (not a planet at all).

Barack Obama: Eating More Steaks Contributes to Climate Change  

Obama Speaks on Global Warming, Then Spews CO2 With Private Jet, 13-Car Motorcade

Pope:  'Listen to Cry of Earth' :olinger: 2 Co 2:11, 11:14

...Blasts 'Climate Change' Doubters: Cites Moral Duty to Act

Calls To Imprison “Climate Change Deniers” Grow In The Wake Of Hurricane Irma

EU pledges to ‘make our planet great again’

Canada now investigates ‘climate denial’

Netflix’s ‘Magic School Bus’ Warns Kids: ‘Use Green Energy or Monster Will Eat you’

John Kerry: Bible Says U.S. Must Protect Muslim Countries From Global Warming

Climate Hysteria Science Implodes as IPCC Climate Models Found to be “Totally Wrong”

NASA: Heated rock and volcanic activity is the real reason why the ice caps are melting 

Pope rebukes 'climate' deniers as 'perverse' :olinger: 2 Co 2:11, 11:14

Tidalgate: Climate Alarmists Caught Faking Sea Level Rise

Bill Nye: Blue States Will ‘Impose Economic Sanctions’ Against Climate Change-Denying States

485 Scientific Papers Published in 2017 Undermine Supposed ‘Consensus’ on Climate Change

Now global warming blamed for refugee madness

Delingpole: The Shocking True Story of How Global Warming Became the Biggest #FakeNews Scare of All Time (Pt 1)

Chilling: Play Titled ‘Kill Climate Deniers’ Launches Theatrical Run

Federal court will hold first-ever hearing on climate change science

Gore likens 'global warming' skeptics to racists, supporters of apartheid and homophobia