Donald Trump & Conspiracy Theories  

False Flags & Hoaxes Am 8:5, 2 Thess. 2:7, 8

As Donald Trump Pushes Conspiracy Theories Right-Wing Media Gets Its Wish


10 false flags operations that shaped our world

Pearl Harbor:  Roosevelt's 9/11 James Perloff SGTreport

Gov't Gone Wild: The Continuity in Government Project

Operation Mockingbird

JFK Assassination 1, 2  

Bush Family Secrets Exposed Documentary Jay Myers Documentaries


Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building, Oklahoma City 1, 2  

Princess Diana


I Want to Believe    

Living in the Matrix


Oklahoma City  

9/11:  1 2, 3


One World Freedom Tower

Osama Bin Laden

Virginia Tech Shooting

Gabby Giffords Shooting 

Aurora Movie Theater Shooting

Sandy Hook, Newton, CT 1, 2   

Boston Marathon Bombing

Malaysia 370 1, 2, 3

Charleston church shooting  

Charlie Hebdo Shooting

Virginia TV Reporter  

Paris Attacks, Bataclan 1, 2

San Bernadino Shooting

Brussels Airport Bombing  

Orland Pulse Nightclub 1, 2 

Dallas Police Officer Shooting 

Nice Truck Attack  

Berlin Christmas Market

Trump brings theories of conspiracy to forefront, media goes into panic mode  


CIA Operative Barry

Also see:

Based on law enforcement investigations and suppressed reports Obama is not eligible to be POTUS


Illegal Alien in the WH: Illegal Aliens +57%

CIA chief says Al-Qaeda never existed Am 8:5 


Benghazi Attack By CIA Run Terror Groups

Hillary Clinton admits that the largest terrorist group was created by U.S. Government  

Europe Passes Legislation To Send Conspiracy Theorists To ‘Reeducation Camps’ (Video)

NY Times hit piece on Targeted Individuals says, believing that the government is targeting its citizenry is a “mental illness;” ‘10,000-plus crazies banding together, paranoid

U.S. Air Force looking for Arabic and Dari role players  

Mind Control    

Trump: FBI decision on Clinton proves 'our system is totally rigged'  


Putin: US Elections Rigged   

Crucible View Post


Anderson Cooper CIA Operative Am 8:5


Planet X

13 Important Elements Found in Every Staged Shooting Event  

annabenedetti View Post [False flags] Fascinating glimpse into the delusional mind.

Someone's been living under a rock (2 Ti 1:7).

Not the CIA, if that's the direction you're going.

Use the Google while it's still legal. You'll figure it out.

...I already know the answer.

What does Snopes say?

Transparency? Ha! US State Dept spokesman laughs hysterically at press briefing (Vid)

Pelosi Docs Show Dems Trying Hard To Cast Benghazi As A ‘Conspiracy Theory’  

[ False comparison] I see that you're making a joke about structural safety codes.  Here, get a good laugh out of this:  Fire That Killed 6 in Queens Is Laid to Faulty Wiring.  Link  Victims have faces as well as names.

Did they live in a tree?
WayTruthLight View Post The biggest scandal is that the elites use children for sex and child sacrifice rituals.

Think that is just Conspiracy Theory? Well then look at the British mainstream media that had to admit that Sir Jimmy Saville (of course exposed after his death, after 50 years of almost unlimited child abuse, including necrophilia) BBC media personality and close friend of the Royal family, had abused at least 450 children at places like orphanages and homes for disabled children, to which he was given access.

So what came out of Wikileaks of John Podesta (Hillary's campaign manager and former chief of staff for Bill Clinton and Obama) emails. Look into #Pizzagate.

A good place to start: 

Pervs rise to the top. Pr 8:36, Ex 20:14


America Will Not Repent
aCultureWarrior View Post I'm waiting for the author of this thread to go to one of her favorite websites (Alex Jones' "Inforwars")...

Proof please Eph 4:14

I'll make it easy for you by saying the following:

"Alex Jones is a certified lunatic. He should be wrapped tight in a straightjacket and thrown in a padded cell along with the rest of his nutcase fans."

Say it.

He's not a Christian. I don't believe he's a lunatic.
aCultureWarrior View Post I didn't think that you'd denounce Alex Jones (conspiracy theorists of a feather flock together).
A term coined by the CIA. Head to your nearest FEMA camp for your block of cheese. Lk 21:26

Trump Team: Same People Who Say Russia Meddled In Election Said Iraq Had WMDs

Barack Obama Birth Certificate 1, 2, 3

Vid: Press Conference 2 Thess. 2:7, 8

Saudi Arabia lobbies US over 9/11 law Eccl 10:2, Jn 10:10

Ft. Lauderdale Airport Shooting  1, 2

Trump Is Right: Obama Killed Far More People Than Putin Ex 20:13

WSJ: Spies Keep Intelligence From President  

Intellipedia Entries: The Black Vault   

Cam View Post
You Christian Zionists...

No fan of the Rothschilds if that's what you mean (Re 3:9).

U.S. Insurers Sue Saudis For $4.2 Billion Over 9/11

Saudis Paid for U.S. Veteran Trips to Lobby Against 9/11 Lawsuit Law  

Westminster Bridge, London Van Attack  

Manchester Arena Bombing

Charlottesville Car Attack 

Barcelona Van Attack

Putin Hints JFK Was Murdered By The "Deep State" Which Is Now After Trump And Russia  
imfinallyfree View Post
I think that his son in law is possessed because he looks so sickly and his address is 666.  He may even be the antichrist. 
He is said to be very intelligent and personable both traits of the antichrist...
An Assyrain should come on the scene (Mic 5:5). We can give our best guess; but, we'll be outta here and then he will enforce the covenant (Dan 9:27). The first seal cannot be opened until we are with our Lord where we're supposed to be (Re 5:14). That is what the Book of Revelation is about--putting things back where they belong.

Las Vegas Concert Shooting 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9

California Wildfires

Trump to allow release of secret JFK assassination files 

dale1257 View Post

[Trump to release JFK files]

Meanwhile “W” is out there giving anti-Trump speeches.  Maybe he’ll release that 9/11 info, too.  :idunno: 

molly View Post

I wonder if a lot of shredding is going on this week.

That bullet’s a whole lot like the Vegas shooting (Am 8:5). 

The Magic Loogie, Reconstructed Seinfeld

WH Strikes Back after Bushes Criticize Trump   

The Truth Behind the 'JFK Files'- James Fetzer Ph.D Truth Be Told TV   

Texas Church Shootings  

77 holistic practitioners now dead since 2015  

It was Staged:  Fusion GPS staged “Russia collusion" meetings to blame Trump TheHealthRanger 

GOP Lawmakers Pushing For FISA Memo Release In Massive Train Crash 

Phosgene neutralized? roypotterqa   

Parkland, Florida School Shooting 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24

Reply to Potter

You can pretend to be a libertarian; but, your fruits will show who you are.

“A libertarian is an immoral conservative.” ~ Bob Enyart Eccl 10:2, Jn 10:10, Mt 7:20  

Who Died In the Russian Airplane Crash? The Common Sense Show 

Survey: Americans Blame School Shooting on Government, Not Guns  






Donald Trump & Conspiracy Theories