Make America Great Again

Pray for leaders 1 Ti 2:1-2

[Heavy Dump Trucks Are Protecting Clinton and Trump From a Terrorist Attack by George Dvorsky] "Just when we thought today’s historic election couldn’t get any weirder, it appears that both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are being protected by an army of dump trucks. Law enforcement say the trucks—which are loaded with sand—are forming a barrier to minimize an attack with explosive devices..." Full text: Heavy Dump Trucks Are Protecting Clinton and Trump From a Terrorist Attack 1 Ti 2:1-2 

Coulter: Trump Victory Boils Down To 'Globalism vs. Nationality' Gen. 11:5–9


Change You Can Believe In

Trump: My son-in-law could broker Middle East peace Gen. 12:10–20

One World Government/Religion

Apology Tour vs. Thank You Tour:

Gay Fish Shows up at Trump Tower


Elvis Shows Up at WH  

DTS: Trump aide Jason Miller resigns Ex 20:14
Trump Border, Deportation Plans Face Pushback -- From RePublicans

Ford cancels plans to build plant in Mexico, will invest in Michigan  

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At face value that headline looks impressive.

Except that his very presence defiles the land (Ex 20:14). Hos. 4:1–3


Sodom aka America Will Not Repent

Trump Threatens Toyota With 'Border Tax' Over Mexico Plans Deut. 32:8

U.S. envoys appointed by Obama asked to quit by Inauguration Day

Trump Asking Congress to Fund the Wall Deut. 32:8

Rand Paul reintroduces his ‘audit the fed’ bill with Trump’s support

Senate approves measure launching Obamacare repeal process

Republicans pass sweeping bill to reform 'abusive' U.S. regulation  Am 8:5

Trump Gives One Word Answer For His Priority As Commander-in-Chief Ge 16:12, Jer 7:6, GWT

House bill would target Iran's airline and test its nuclear deal Ge 16:12, Jer 7:6, GWT

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...[K]eep mom barefoot and pregnant.

What's wrong with being barefoot and pregnant? Ti 2:4-5 Not your kind of gal?   Jer 3:3
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Donald Chump will only make America hate again...

Are you a MethNBC viewer? Eccl 10:2, Jn 10:10
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[What's wrong with being barefoot and pregnant? Ti 2:4-5] Your feet swell...

Eph. 6:2-3

Trump To Immediately Sign As Many As 200 Executive Orders Takes Down Climate Page, Puts Up ‘America First’ Energy Plan

Trump returns bust of Churchill to Oval Office Takes Down Climate Page, Puts Up ‘America First’ Energy Plan

Report: Trump to defund Planned Parenthood Sunday  

Trump Takes Over 'Riskiest' America Since World War II  

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...[G]ood job ruining culture and blaming men for it.

I single handedly ruined culture? How's that? I'm pro-dad. I'm pro God-fearing dads. Jn 8:44 [Eg. spiritual likeness].

Trump may not enforce individual Obamacare mandate

Trump to Sign Executive Orders on Nafta, TPP Trade Deals, Official Says

Trump tells business leaders he wants to cut regulations by 75 percent or 'maybe more'  

Report: Secret Service to Investigate Madonna for ‘Blowing Up the White House’ Comment

Warns China: No more taking territory in int'l waters  

Trump to sign orders reviving pipeline projects, sources say

...Demands U.S. steel used

New FCC Chairman Pai to take 'weed whacker' to net neutrality 

White House English-only website 

Federal Hiring Freeze, Restores Mexico City Policy

Trump administration seeks to muzzle U.S. agency employees 

DOW 20,000  

Construction Order for Wall

...Cut sanctuary city funds

Temp ban on refugees

Trump To Sign Executive Order Restricting Immigration From Seven Countries

Prepares To Drastically Reduce US Involvement in UN

Report: Trump Prepares Executive Orders to Reduce Funds for UN Bodies Giving Palestinians Full Membership  

Palestinians say Obama’s last-minute $221 million payout frozen by Trump

Trump Calls for Voter Fraud Investigation 

Dear Bernie, Meet the "Big Mac ATM" That Will Replace All Of Your $15 Per Hour Fast Food Workers
Mexico’s President Cancels White House Visit After Trump Hits Cartels

...Peso tumbles

Trump Orders Removal Of Islamic Symbols, Practices In The White House  

Trump to Sign Executive Order Ending Obama’s Unconstitutional Executive Amnesty

Bannon Declares War On The Media: “You Are The Opposition; Keep Your Mouth Shut”

Churchill bust takes center stage as Trump, May reaffirm special relationship

Trump Signs Order to Rebuild Military After Mattis Takes Oath of Office

'Extreme Vetting' Order Signed

Trump: Christian Refugees ‘Horribly Treated,’ ‘We Are Going to Help Them'  

...Freezes refugee program  

3 New Presidential Actions: Lobbying Ban, Defeat ISIS Plan, National Security Council Reorganization

Trump order sets military buildup in motion  

Executive Order: Trump Crackdown On Immigrant Welfare  

Trump to Mexico--Take care of ‘bad hombres’ or US might

Trump vows to end prohibition on church political activity

Draft Of Trump Executive Order May Deny Services To Sodomites

Administration reviewing Cuba policy 

White House Weighs Terrorist Designation for Muslim Brotherhood

Left Freaks Out as Virtual Unknown Joy Villa Steals Red Carpet in ‘Make America Great Again‘ Dress

Sheriff David Clarke: ‘I Sense Pride in Our Nation I Have Found Lacking for the Last Eight Years’

The Dow Has Never Had A Longer Streak Of Record Closes… Ever

Unreported: 1,500 pedophile arrests have been made nationally since Trump took office
Ex 20:14

The wickedness of Sodom ([Ex 20:14] heterosexual [Lev. 20:10–12] or homosexual [Lev. 20:10,13]) was notorious (Gen. 13:13).

Republican Senators Reintroduce Bill to Cut US Funding to Palestinian Authority  

Global Warming Alarmists' Funds to be Cut
Ge 8:22

The people's house: Trump surprises first White House tour group

Jeff Sessions Asks All Remaining Obama-Appointed U.S. Attorneys To Resign Am 8:5

Trump Cabinet Members Attend Weekly Bible Study for ‘Maturity in Christ’  

Obama speeches revive GOP bid to target his pension

Donald Trump Plans ‘Direct’ Speech to Muslims About Radical Islamic Terror

Unlike Obama, Trump Doesn't Bow to Saudi King


Trump, Unlike Obama, Addressed ‘Islamic Terror’ Directly

Donald Trump warns Iran must 'never ever' be allowed to possess nukes as he blasts Tehran's support for 'terrorists'

Trump Officially Removes Obama’s Gun Ban from Social Security Administration Federal Code 

Hypocrisy alert: Lebanon almost finished building a wall, with 4 watchtowers, Around 100,000 ‘Palestinians’, World Says Nothing


85% drop in food stamp participation after counties restart work requirements  

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[Infrastructure] It is much needed. Question remains "Who pays for it?"


House Passes Bill To Repeal and Replace Post-Crisis Wall Street Rules

Mining Industry Sees First Profitable Quarter in Years

Trump rolls back parts of what he calls ‘terrible’ Obama Cuba policy

Trump's Steel-Import Threat Prompts EU to Warn of Retaliation

Make America Great Again (TOL), (CARM), (CC)