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The John McCain Apology Tour

[Trump's team in disarray, U.S. Senator McCain tells Europe by Phil Stewart and Robin Emmott | Reuters] "McCain, a known Trump critic, told the Munich Security Conference that the resignation of the new president's security adviser Michael Flynn over his contacts with Russia reflected deep problems in Washington.

"I think that the Flynn issue obviously is something that shows that in many respects this administration is in disarray and they've got a lot of work to do," said McCain, even as he praised Trump's defense secretary..." Full text: Trump's team in disarray, U.S. Senator McCain tells Europe Gen. 11:5–9, Re 13:1-18



Warmongers McCain and Graham

Seventh Floor Sweep for Swamp Creatures Am 8:5

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...[T]ying to enable Christians to discriminate against gay people...

He's a Sodomite like you and you're still not happy?

"If God doesn't soon bring judgment upon America, He'll have to go back and apologize to Sodom and Gomorrah." ~ Billy Graham
The wickedness of Sodom ([Ex 20:14] heterosexual [Lev. 20:10–12] or homosexual [Lev. 20:10,13]) was notorious (Gen. 13:13).

Drain the Swamp