On the Dirty Yak Watch

[‘Allahu Akbar’: Shock Video Shows Muslims Allegedly ‘Stoning’ Christian Protesters in Michigan] "In a video posted by Gateway Pundit early this morning, protesters were depicted as being battered by a constant hail of thrown debris, including water bottles and possibly even stones. Skip to nine minutes into the following video to see the “stoning” portion where large, grey projectiles that look very much like rocks are tossed into the air at the demonstrators as the crowd screams “Allahu Akbar” and closes in..." Full text: Allahu Akbar’: Shock Video Shows Muslims Allegedly ‘Stoning’ Christian Protesters in Michigan Ge 16:12, Jer 7:6, GWT


Another Lara Logan type incident

Student journalist assaulted in Tahrir Square

Journalist Natasha Smith: 'Please God make it stop'

Also see:

How the Vatican Created Islam

The Vatican Creation of Islam for the Persecution of Jews & Christians

Last War: A War of Religion

Response to comment [from a Christian]: "Shirley you jest? All of this coming from the religion of peace?"


Crucifying Christians in Egypt  

Response to comment [from a Catholic]: "So these guys go to Muslim festivals and demonstrate there, hoping to find some hotheads who will toss stuff at them, thereby becoming martyrs.

How is this Christian?"

Didn't the Obama Administration call the "Arab Spring" a democratic movement?

Response to comment [from a Catholic]: "...People rising up and overthrowing a tyranny? Yeah, I guess so."

Regular George Washington and Thomas Jefferson's.

Response to comment [from other]: "If you called me a dirty yak, I'd probably throw something at you..."

A shoe? Ge 16:12

Response to comment [from a Christian]: "Now you're being [disingenuous]. As if you care that anyone is upset with you! Almost every regular poster on this forum is, or has been upset with you.
I believe it is as bacon to you!"

It's not true.  I'm deeply upset when Townie Two disagrees with me.

Response to comment [from other]: "...You're ignoring the second part of my question?"

If I gave you my opinion, would it make it difference? Mt 7:6

A few housekeeping items:

I assume that you make your most important point first (e.g. Muslim problem). Generally, I respond to that.

"A third non-answer?"

Islam is a perversion of Christianity.

Daniel Pearl murder video *warning fruits of Islam* Mt 7:20

15-Year-Old Afghan Girl Beheaded After Rejecting Marriage Proposal 

Electronic System Tracks Women for Saudi Husbands 

[Islam is a perversion of Christianity (Ga 5:9). ] "...Serpent is a perversion of Christianity."

Roman Catholicism is also a perversion of historical, biblical Christianity (Ga 5:9).


Roman Catholicism
One World Government/Religion

"72 Virgins in the afterlife?--if that isn't motivation to loose your virginity" ~ Dennis Prager. 

U.S. gift of F-16 fighters headed to Egypt, despite Morsi's harsh rhetoric 

Naomi Oni: Acid attack has made me a stronger person, says courageous London victim

Vid: Mohammad Jawad - Plastic, Reconstructive and Burns Surgeon Duration BBC 30 minutes

"Where this behavior comes from, I could not figure it out..." ~ Dr. Mohammad Jawad Ge 16:12, Mt 7:16

Gaza Arabs Celebrate Boston Marathon Attack with Dance, Candies 

Make Me a Muslim Young British Women are Converting to Islam BBC Jer 7:6



'Al Qaeda Airlines' mag gives how-to tips for homemade terror

Report: Arabs Fly Nazi Flag near Palestinian Mosque 

Muslim cannibalism: Syrian rebel cuts out, eats enemy’s heart

McCain poses with terrorists

Suspected terror attack in London: British Soldier Hacked to Death with Machete on London Street, Beheaded

Paris police search for 'bearded man seen praying' before soldier attack

French police arrest suspect in soldier stabbing: Recent convert to Islam

Muhammad Al-Dura: The boy who wasn't really killed

UK: Muslim prisoners hold Yorkshire prison officer hostage in Woolwich copycat jihad attack

Executed Teenager 2 Days Ago For Insulting Islam

War: US Military support for Syrian 'Rebels'

Syria rebels 'beheaded a Christian and fed him to the dogs'

"These folks are carpenters and blacksmiths and dentists..." ~ Barack Obama

Report: Radical Cleric's Deputy Visited White House

Met with National Security Council staff

Am 8:5, Ob 7

Al Qaeda says it freed 500 inmates in Iraq jail-break

Al-Qaeda vows to break more members from prisons

British aid to Somalia stolen by Islamist militants

Rand Slams Congress for Funding: 'How Does Your Conscience Feel Now?'

On the Air: AlJazeera America 

[What can we expect from the Al Jazeera America lineup? #AlJazeeraAmericaTVShows delivers twitcy.com]

30 Rocks Thrown at Jews  

4 the Love of Pete @FightingSwiss Mad About Jew  

EL BURRO! @IAMELBURRO   Here Comes Honey Jew Jew

Doc كافر @DocNelson_68W  8 Is Enough... Wives

Mimi @DublinMimi  So You Think You're Allowed To Dance

Christy @desertgardens  Boy Beats Girl

What can we expect from the Al Jazeera America lineup? #AlJazeeraAmericaTVShows delivers twitcy.com

[Egyptian anti-Obama video goes viral, blames him for siding with Muslim Brotherhood: Egyptian army chief in interview says Defense Secretary Hagel calls him almost every day, but Obama has not called by Ariel Ben Solomon] "US President Barack Obama appears to have angered supporters of ousted Egyptian president Mohamed Morsi, as well as supporters of the army coup that toppled him on July 3.

Leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood, which is at the vanguard of the street protests against Morsi’s ouster, claim the US supported the coup. Those opposed to the Brotherhood claim Washington has been and still is supporting the Islamists.

An example of the vitriol in the country can be seen in a new video clip featuring a song by Egyptian performer Sama Elmasry. Titled “You Obama, Your Father, Mother,” it attacks the US president for allegedly preferring Islamic radicals over the army. It has gone viral, with over 160,000 views since last week..." Full text: Anti-Obama video goes viral, blames him for siding with Muslim Brotherhood Ob 7

[One year later: Camp Bastion families still fighting for truth by Michelle Malkin] "Next week, “never forget” will resound across America as citizens mark a dozen years since the 9/11 terrorist attack and one year since the bloody disaster in Benghazi. But who will remember the American heroes who came under siege at Camp Bastion in Afghanistan on 9/14/12?

Two heroic U.S. Marines — Lt. Col. Christopher Raible and Sgt. Bradley Atwell — perished in the monstrous battle last year, and nearly a dozen others were injured. What happened at Camp Bastion and whether the Obama administration has learned from the deadly incident are timely questions as Washington prepares for war again in a jihadi-infested region.

And as military families know, there is no such thing as “no boots on the ground.”

The families of the fallen at Camp Bastion are still waiting for the results of an official CENTCOM probe into last year’s attack. They hear that members of Congress will get briefed on the investigation before the families themselves get the details about what happened to their loved ones — and who bears responsibility for the security lapses that enabled the attack.

Atwell’s aunt, Deborah Hatheway, told me: “We are hoping for the best, and that _the attack will always be remembered as one of the most horrific attacks by the Taliban, and that they will never be able to do this again.” A Capitol Hill source tells me the report could be ready by the end of the month.

Refresher: Three days after the bloody siege on our consulate in Libya, the Taliban waged an intricately coordinated, brutal attack on Camp Bastion..." Full text: One year later: Camp Bastion families still fighting for truth

"Million" Muslim March vs. Bikers Ge 16:12, Jer 7:6 GW, Mt 7:16

Recommended Reading:

Still the Best Hope: Why the World Needs American Values to Triumph by Dennis Prager

See the Obama-Al Qaeda Tweet That Has Some Furious with the Tennessee Lt. Gov.

Response to comment [from a Catholic]: "But you cannot make good policy if you don't know who is to blame for what happened now can you."

These Two Men Allegedly Overheard Incredibly Explosive Skype Conversation While Being Held Hostage in Syria Ob 7

Response to comment [from a Christian]: [ZooAnimal quote: If you referred to me as a dirty yak, I'd probably throw something at you.] "I refer to you as a dirty diaper."

Dirty diaper...diaper head

3 alleged Kenya attackers from USA

Gunfire at besieged Kenyan mall, Islamists threaten hostages

Terrorists apparently dressed as women

85 dead in deadliest-ever attack on Christians in Pakistan

Home Grown Terrorism in the U.S. (e.g. attack planned for Mall of America, Radical Islamic Society of Boston, etc.) Will Air: The Blaze: For the Record 25 Sept 12

Mall of America Boosts Security After Attack in Nairobi

Saudi Sheikh: Driving Affects Women's Ovaries

Islamist gunmen kill students as they sleep in Nigerian college

Iraq: 8 Dead After Deadly Bomb Blast Hits Soccer Field Ge 16:12

Response to comment [from an agnostic]:  "I wouldn't waste your time bumping, nobody cares."

Eze 36:26

Rioters in Mombasa burn church as they protest murder of Muslim cleric Ge 16:12

Police openly beat Muslim Brotherhood sympathizers in Cairo

Response to comment [from a Christian]: [Dirty yak beats dirty yak] "And the problem with this is?"

Beating is a good start. Deut 13:1-18, Jer 7:6 GW, 1 Sam 15:9, Jn 14:6

"Our Muslim apologist in the White House probably doesn't think so."

2 Pe 3:3


Contrast Barack Obama's Quotes About Islam With His Quotes About Christianity

Iran debates 'Death to America' slogan

Muslims practicing terror “dry-runs” on U.S. airplanes  


Failed attempt to blow up NWA plane


Video Shows Kenya Mall Terrorists Stopping To Pray During Mass Murder

The Growing Terror Threat From Radical :Women Converts Ge 16:12, Mt 7:20


US May Have Let 'Dozens' of Terrorists Into Country As Refugees


Response to comment [from a Christian]: [72 Virgins] "Wouldn't 72 hookers be more desirable? I mean for one stupid enough to blow himself up."


Q. What can Saudi Arabia do to raise the average IQ in the country?
A. Allow Jews to come in.

Hundreds will protest Islam lovefest history textbook foisted on high school students

FBI warns about Americans joining Islamic fighters

Recommended Reading:

Still the Best Hope: Why the World Needs American Values to Triumph by Dennis Prager

Q: What's the difference between Dar al-islam and Dannon yogurt?
A: The yogurt has a living culture.

BBC Editor: Ignoring Immigration Concerns a 'Terrible Mistake'

Q. What's the difference between ET and Muslims?
A. ET got the point and went home. Ge 16:12, Mt 7:20, Jer 7:6 GW

One in 10 babies in England are now Muslims

Q. How many Muslims does it take to change a roll of toilet paper?
A. What's toilet paper?

Muslim Group Demands Rabbi’s Removal from Canadian PM’s Delegation to Israel

Q. When's the only time you should wink at a Muslim?
A. When aiming.

Palestinian Foreign Minister: We Will ‘Never’ Accept Israel as the Jewish State

Reports say the stench from the thousands of bodies in The Middle East is unbearable. Police report that it's likely to get worse now that there are dead ones.

Israel arrests Al-Qaida recruits trying to bomb US embassy in Tel Aviv

A Russian, a Cuban, an Englishman and a Muslim are on a train.

The Russian takes out a bottle of his best vodka, drinks a bit and throws the rest off the train and says, "There's plenty more of that where I come from."

Everyone is impressed. The Cuban takes out one of the finest Havana cigars, takes one puff and throws it off the train and says, "There's plenty more of those where I come from."

Again everyone is rather impressed. So the Englishman stands up and throws the Muslim off the train.

On the dehumanizing women watch: Muslim woman refuses to testify after being told she must show face

Islamic State jihadist announces his marriage to terrified 7-year-old in conquered city in Syria

NYC public school kids getting new Muslim, Lunar New Year holidays

African Muslim mob slits throat of Christian walking by

Switzerland Votes to Reintroduce Limits on Immigration
'Arab Donald Duck' fired after raging tweets against Israel

At Least 90 Christians Slaughtered by Islamist Terrorists in Nigeria

Judge: NYPD Surveilling NJ Muslims Did Not Violate Civil Rights

28 Dead: China calls deadly knife attack the nation's '9/11'

Under threat, Syria's Christians sign accord with Islamists
Pay tax, convert to Islam or risk death

England: Jihadists 'Plot to Take over Birmingham Schools'

Egypt: 14-Yr-Old Girl Dead After Genital Mutilation Operation

Convicted Terrorists Target UK Campuses Via New Islamist Front Group

Hijab Day: Islam Imposed on Citizens in Minneapolis

VA State Legislature Commends Mosque with Terror Links

Mosqueing the Top of the Empire State Building

CAIR Conviences ABC to Cancel Show About US Teen Kidnapped by Saudis

Subway in UK Drops Bacon, Ham From Menus to Comply With Islamic Law Col 2:6

Buzkashi: Afghanistan’s national sport like polo with a headless goat  

Response to comment [from other]:  "Where do you get your jokes?"

Do you like them?

Nigerian “Taliban” kidnap 300 schoolgirls, threaten to sell them  

Nigerian Islamists abduct more girls

Vid: Nigerian captors convert hostage girls to Islam 

Buzkashi: Afghanistan’s national sport like polo with a headless goat

Muslims Take 100 Christians, Burn Them Alive, Slit Their Throats, Shoot Them, And Hack Them To Death

5-year-old Christian boy cut in half by ISIS

ISIS Beheads US Journalist James Foley

"How strong is your faith? As strong as theirs?" ~ Laura Ingraham

Why Did ISIS Destroy the Tomb of Jonah? Zeph 2:13


Revealed: How the last Jews of Aleppo escaped Isa 27:12

Beheading in Oklahoma

Police classify as workplace violence

“ISIL’s actions represent no faith, least of all the Muslim faith which Abdul-Rahman adopted as his own..." ~ Barack Obama

A 26-Year-Old Woman Is ISIS’s Last American Hostage

Pakistan school attack, Taliban terrorists kill 145, mostly children 

"The Evel Knievel of world morality." ~ Dennis Prager

Berkeley Student react to ISIS flag (Ami on the Street)

Gunman kills two NY police officers in Brooklyn


Police officers turned their backs on Mayor Bill de Blasio

Leftists: Bloomberg to De Blasio

So-Called Race Relations

Islamic Terrorists France: 12 dead, police gunned down

Netanyahu, Abbas attend Paris mass rally
Largest in French history

"As people bustled through the Saturday market in the Nigerian city of Maiduguri, a device borne by a ten year-old girl exploded near the entrance.

A witness said the girl probably had no idea that a bomb had been strapped to her body..." Full text: Boko Haram is now a mini-Islamic State, with its own territory  

"World leaders should be in Nigeria or Mali." ~ Dennis Prager

Islam Gets Special Treatment

CNN: 'Our Policy Not to Show Potentially Offensive Images of the [False] Prophet'

ISIS Kills 13 Teenage Boys Over TV Soccer Game for Allegedly Violating Sharia Law 

Vanderbilt University: Muslim Brotherhood-linked student group tries to bully professor who criticized Islam into silence 

There is "no reason to say 'radical Islam' [Carol Swain, Laura Ingraham radio program 26 Jan 15]."

Jordan pilot hostage Moaz al-Kasasbeh 'burned alive' 

Jordan has executed Iraqi woman militant it had sought to exchange for Jordanian pilot

ISIS selling, crucifying, burying children alive in Iraq: UN 

'Coexist' street artist beaten by French Muslims

Thousands of foreigners are flocking to Syria and Iraq to join the Islamic State
ISIS Sends Parents of American Kayla Meuller an E-Mail Picture of Their Dead Daughter 0012211554

ISIS Beheads 21 Christians, Promises To ‘Conquer Rome, By Allah’s Permission’ 

Islamic State militants 'burn to death 45 in Iraq'

Gouging eyes out, beheading children, mass shootings

Detroit Man Stabs Two After Establishing They Were Not Muslims 

Iraq UN envoy says he suspects the Islamic State is harvesting organs 

Response to comment [from a Christian]: "Unreal."

The President wants you to remember that this is not Islam. Mt 7:20

Obama: ISIS 'aren't religious leaders, they're terrorists'

Mars Attacks We Come In Peace

"If I say radical Islam, I am defending Islam." ~ Dennis Prager Jn 14:6 

Mall of America tightens security after terror threat

7-yr-old suicide bomber kills 5, leaves 48 injured in market attack

New ISIS video shows Kurdish Peshmerga soldiers in cages in Iraq   

ISIS abducts 90 Syrian Christians 

An estimated 300-400 Syrian Christians abducted in Syria

ISIS Blows Up Churches: 'Aims To Wipe Out Christianity' 

'Jihadi John' named as Mohammed Emwazi from London

Islamic State is selling looted Syrian art in London to fund its fight Ge 16:12, Jer 7:6, GWT, Mt 7:20, Jn 10:10

Isis threatens Twitter employees over blocked accounts  

Sharia law in Texas?

New ISIS video appears to show child executing alleged Mossad spy 

Response to comment [from a Christian]: "What I say, I say to all Yak Yaks - Watch TV.  Mark 13:37 And what I say unto you I say unto all, Watch.


Foreign Office "aware" arrest has been made by Turkish police in relation to three missing girls and Met Police has informed girls' families

French classmates said to recognize 'child killer' in Islamic State video  

‘A People’s History of Muslims In the United States': Really? 

Furor erupts at high school over reading Pledge of Allegiance in Arabic 

137 killed, 345 injured in suicide attacks on Yemen mosques

Boko Haram kidnapped over 400 children, women from Nigeria town: report

At least 70 students killed, 4 terrorists dead, 500 students rescued in Kenya University attack

Muslims to Outnumber Christians 'in 50 Years' 

Tikrit mass grave may contain bodies of 1,700 Iraqi soldiers killed by ISIS

ISIS Cuts Off 4 Kids Hands, One for Stealing Toy; Executes Starving Child for Stealing Food 

Twitter suspends 10,000 ISIS accounts in just one day 

Marathon bomber's mom: 'Americans are the terrorists'

Separated at birth:


Hamas Features 5-Year-Old Soldier on Facebook 

Police: Muslims threw Christians overboard during Med voyage

The ISIS Twitter census: Defining and describing the population of ISIS supporters on Twitter

ISIS kills five Libyan TV journalists  

Report: ISIS Executes 600 Yazidi Hostages in Northern Iraq 

Robert Spencer warned U-Wisconsin students about Islamic State attacks days before Texas shooting 

Cowardly Daily Mail blacks out Muhammad cartoons in story on shooting

ISIS Claims Responsibility For Texas Shooting That Leaves Two Dead, Police Officer Injured

Silence From Obama on Islamic Terror Attack in Texas

Shooter 'well-known to FBI' since 2007

Subject of 2010 terror probe

Obama judge let jihadist walk

Skirted no-fly list

Muslim convert 

NBC News Reporter Ayman Mohyeldin Wants Islam Protected From Satire

ISIS Vows to Kill Pamela Geller 

"On this issue we can make a better decision." ~ Laura Ingraham


Where there's smoke, there's a Koran

Geller says she'll organize another free speech event Jn 8:36, Ga 5:1

Anti-Islam politician Geert Wilders plans Prophet Mohammed expo after US shootings  

[Winning drawing of the false prophet (1 Jn 4:1) Mohammad (Jn 8:36)]

Response to comment [from a Catholic]: "Germans arrest four right-wing extremists seeking to attack Islamic targets..."

Are you ready to impose bowing down to your false Christ (Matt. 24:4-5, 24) with the sword of Islam? Ge 16:12, Jer 7:6, GWT


One World/Government Religion

Smoking out jihadists--and liberals (Ge 16:12, Jer 7:6, GWT) : "My point about Pamela Geller...is that I don't believe holding a cartoon contest on the prophet Mohammad gets us close to that goal....My point is a point of strategy. I don't believe it is conservative to make it your purpose to mock another faith....I guess it's effective if you don't mind the collateral damage that might occur when one of these jihadists is smoked out....Islam is going to have to reform itself..." ~ Laura Ingraham 1 John 4:1, 2 Pe 2:1


Where there's smoke, there's a Koran

FBI: 'Thousands' Under Influence of ISIS Inside US

Concerns Of Muslim Immigration Surge Into Western World Come Into Focus 

ISIS Threatens 'Message To America' Attack Today at 2PM ET  

They got side tracked in the strip clubs. Maybe tomorrow.  

Derka mohammed allah jihad

Report: ISIS mutilates women caught breastfeeding in public 

Bangladeshi Blogger Who Wrote on Site Promoting Secularism Is Killed

Derka Derka: ISIS Leader issues call to arms in audio message  

Response to comment [from a Christian]: "Thought this was funny."

That poor young woman. I'd change my name to Smith if I were her.


Wicked presidents

17,000 men and women from more than 90 countries wage Muslim holy war for ISIS 

More than half world’s countries now producing jihadis Re 17:6

LAPD Anti-Terror Cops Arrest Suspect in Massive Downtown Fire 

Isis in Palmyra: Civilians forced to watch execution of 20 men at amphitheater 

Houthi rebels in Yemen are holding multiple Americans prisoner

Opec under siege as ISIS threatens world's oil lifeline

U.S. Supreme Court rules for Muslim woman denied job at clothing store 

Khamenei urges Muslim unity in face of 'oppression' 


One World Government/Religion

Mars Attacks Don't Run We Are Your Friends

Islamic State magazine Dabiq withdrawn from sale by Amazon  

ISIS captures 88 Eritrean Christians in Libya, US official confirms

Jihadist converts to Christianity after near-death experience

Michelle O tells Muslim girls 'When I look at you I see myself.'

"Was her clitoris mutilated also?" ~ Michael Savage 

Isis 'crucifies children for not fasting during Ramadan' in Syria

ISIS Drowns Prisoners in Cage, Kills via Explosive Necklace

Obama Foreign Policy: NPR tells a new version of The Three Little Pigs. In the new version the three little pigs invite the wolf in to talk. He eventually comes to live with them in peace. Caller, Bill Bennett Radio Program 1 Jul 15 Ge 16:12, Jer 7:6, GWT

Tunisia beach attack

British PM Cameron to BBC: ISIS Is 'Not an Islamic State'

Amphitheater: ISIS forces child executioners to shoot Syrian soldiers 

ISIS Crucifies Dozens for Breaking Ramadan Fast 

ISIS Murders Four Children in Process of Destroying Another Mosul Church 

ISIS female Gestapo wreaking terror on own sex
Bite, whip any woman who steps out of line
Jb 2:10, 2 Ti 3:6, Ge 16:12, Jer 7:6, GWT

ISIS film: a child carrying out a beheading 

No more Muhammad comics, says Charlie Hebdo editor Sourisseau 

Five Children Among 94 Crucified, Flogged And Caged By ISIS For 'Eating During Ramadan'

Muslim immigration to USA doubles in decade after 9/11

127,000 student visas given to youth from Muslim nations in one year 

ISIS trains kids for beheadings using dolls 

Islamic State threat: Isis plotting to use drones to bomb crowds at major British events

Report: DOJ looking into 'Muslim-free zone' gun store 

A Definable Case of Genocide: Islamic State's Ideology, Mission and Actions Toward Religious and Ethnic Minorities in Iraq 

ISIS Vid: Prisoners made to kneel above bombs buried in ground  

ISIS Kidnaps Up to 160 Christians from Syrian Town 

ISIS Used Mustard Gas Against Kurdish Forces in Iraq, U.S. Believes

Slain Christian's head allegedly bashed by Muslim 'refugees'

Man lets daughter drown rather than have strange men touch her, Dubai police claim 

U.S. Soldiers Told to Ignore Sexual Abuse of Boys by Afghan Allies 

Obama Administration To Accept 200,000 “Refugees” 

Young suicide bomber filmed crying before carrying out mission  Lk 17:2

Saudi Prince Arrested in Beverly Hills Compound for Sex Assault  

Al-Qaeda Linked Uighur Terror Group Advertises 'Little Jihadists' 

Potus Tells UN: ‘Violent Extremism is not Unique to any one Faith' 

Report: ISIS Has Crucified, Tortured Thousands of Christians in Iraq, Syria 

‘Unclean’ Syrian woman who escaped to Germany after gang rape found stabbed to death in suspected ‘honour’ killing

Ankara bomb blasts kill 86 at peace rally; 186 wounded

Two new Lockerbie bombing suspects identified

Checkpoints stir Palestinian anger in East Jerusalem

Another Bangladesh publisher hacked to death

Montgomery Co. schools to close for Muslim holiday Ge 16:12, Jer 7:6, GWT

“Maybe there’s a way for Christians and Muslims to work together on some of these cultural issues...Halal food is good by the way...I really like it.” ~ Laura Ingraham (CathOlic ). Re 13:17 12 Nov 15


One World Government/Religion  

Muslims on track to exceed Jewish population in US

Shots fired into Muslim family's home in Florida; Mosques threatened

ISIS Threatens Attack on DC Ge 16:12, Jer 7:6, GWT

Muslim backlash grows

Masked 'supervillain' threatens to kill '1 Arab a week'  

Nearly 70 are arrested in US over ISIS plots - and they include refugees who had been given safe haven but 'turned to terror' 

Brussels closed looking for terrorists

Obama: If you are concerned about Islam, you are hysterical Ge 16:12, Jer 7:6, GWT, Ob 7

Australians March Against Islamisation, Counter-Protests Turn Violent

'Severe blow': Al Qaeda suicide bomber takes out leadership of key ISIS brigade 

ISIS fighter cries like baby after captured

IS executes 3,500 in Syria since declaring 'caliphate': monitor  

Muslim Mizzou Professor Charged with Assaulting Teen Girl at School Without Hijab 

American support for radical Islamism at 'unprecedented' levels

No Problem with Islamic Zealots: America's Muslims Object to Obama's Push for More Self-Surveillance

ISIS: Desperate mother told 'you've just eaten your son' after visiting militants' base in search of kidnap victim

ISIS's Sharia Judges Order Extermination of Disabled Kids

New York: Black Muslim Woman Takes Oath As Judge, Swears on Quran

Photos: The Dungeons Islamic State Uses for Yazidi Sex Slaves 

ISIS: secret messages hidden among pictures of kittens with bombs 

Cat Juggling ~ The Jerk

Islamic State allows taking organs of living non-Muslims

Democrats Use George W. Bush to Troll GOP: Bush Was Right ‘Islam Is a Religion of Peace’ 

Islamic State Female Brigade Mutilates, Kills Breastfeeding Mom

Mob Rips Apart Woman Falsely Accused of Burning Koran

ISIS regulates sex slaves
...'Rape handbook'  

Jihadists holding over 3,000 Yazidis hostage: activist

Muslim Charged With Lighting Fire — To His Own Mosque

FBI [Federal Bureau of Islam (Savage)]: FBI Offers $5000 Reward After Bacon Found at Vegas Mosque 

ISIS member executes own mother

Suspect Shoots Philadelphia Cop in the 'Name Of Islam'
...Pledged allegiance to ISIS  

Response to comment [from a Christian]: "This thread deserves its own theme song..."

Dirty yak

Australian police foil ISIS plot involving suicide-bombing kangaroos

Boko Haram Jihadis Burn Children Alive, Slay Over 100 Villagers in Nigeria Massacre 

Muslim Students Turn Common Room Into Mosque, Demand Women Veil And Segregate 

ISIS video shows boy blowing up prisoners 

Boy, 15, beheaded by ISIS jihadis for listening to Western pop music

ISIS Threatens Mark Zuckerberg And Jack Dorsey, Vows Retaliation for Suspending Accounts

Horror in Moscow: Woman in burka walks streets carrying child's severed head
...'Allahu Akbar' 

‘We Believe In Islam’: Mosque Praised By Police Tells Congregation To Kill Apostates And Non Muslims

Eight-Year-Old Yazidi Girl Sets Self on Fire to Avoid Islamic State Jihadists from Raping Her

Boy, 16, Beheaded By ISIS After Failing To Appear For Friday Prayers 

To Maintain Supply of Sex Slaves, ISIS Pushes Birth Control 

Iraqi officials: ISIS chemical weapons attacks kill child, wound 600 

New ISIS video shows three 'spies' being beheaded by terrorists on horseback 

Head of Islamic Kindergarten Used Facility For Orgies, Drugs and Defrauding Tax Payers

Attacks on Brussels airport, metro

Islamic State Detains Christians in Raqqa to Be Used as ‘Human Shields’

Mass grave of ISIS victims found in Syria's Palmyra 

ISIS Massacres '175 Civilians'

IS frees most of 300 abducted cement workers, kills  

ISIS executes hostages with explosive necklace in new video 

Female terrorists wanted death to meet 'handsome martyrs' 

Bangladesh professor hacked to death in suspected Islamist attack 

Islamic State Offers Marriage Counseling to Stop Deluge of Fleeing Slave Wives Eph. 5:25–33

ISIS hackers release hit list of 3,600 ordinary New Yorkers Ge 16:12, Jer 7:6, GWT

He hates these cans. ~ Navin R. Johnson, The Jerk

ISIS Murders Navy Seal 

1 Dead, 3 Injured in Munich Knife Attack

...'Allahu akbar'

ISIS buries alive dozens of defectors who fled Iraq battlefield – reports

The Christian Holocaust in the Middle East is Happening Right Now (Graphic) 

Islamic State ‘Crucifies’ Syrian For Collaborating With ‘Crusader Coalition’ 

Al Qaeda mag tells terrorists to target US biz leaders in homes 

patrick jane
View Post Serpy is on the War Path.

War Path Rapture Runway

"All hell will literally break loose on earth after his church is raptured..." Full text:
Does Proverbs 8:17 contradict Matthew 5:46?

Pope Francis: Fear of Terrorism and Migrants Must Not ‘Weaken Our Resolve’ Ge 16:12, Jer 7:6, GWT

2 Co 2:11, 11:14


How the Vatican Created Islam

The Vatican Creation of Islam for the Persecution of Jews & Christians


One World Government/Religion

Isil carrying out chemical experiments on its prisoners as it moves labs into residential neighbourhoods

Elderly Christian woman stripped naked, paraded through streets

...300-strong Muslim mob

ISIS use 50,000 civilians as 'human shields' 

Police: Burka-clad assailant beats victim with American flag 

Nigeria: Muslim Mob Beheads Woman in Public Market for Insulting Muhammad 

ISIS Is Shooting Civilians Fleeing Fallujah Battle 

IISIS Burns 19 Girls Alive After They Refuse to Have Sex With Their Terrorist Captors

ISIS Attack at Sodomite Bar in Orlando

Taliban Jihadists Skin Man Alive After Ripping His Eyes Out 

Eight suicide bombers target Lebanese Christian village

Terror Attack:* Istanbul airport: 43 dead, More than 230 wounded

...Terrorists were Russian, Uzbek and Kyrgyz *

Orlando's Walt Disney World may be target for July 4 terrorist attack

Israel: Teenage Girl Murdered in her Own Bed Eze 35:5

ISIS Strikes Bangladesh

...20 Dead in Restaurant

...'Those who could cite Quran spared'  

Terrorism:  Baghdad Bombing 200+ Dead

Islamic State Beheads Men Accused of Mocking Islam, Serving ‘Infidels'

Hulk Smash Dirty Yaks 

ISIS tightens grip on Yazidi captives held as sex slaves  

Recommended Reading:

The People vs Muhammad - Psychological Analysis by J.K Sheindlin

Digging up Dirty Philistines 

ISIS Boasts Of Its Bloody Ramadan

Former Chief of Defense Intelligence Agency: Some ISIS computers were 80% pornography  

Axe-Wielding Afgan Refugee Shot Dead After Slashing 14 People On German Train Screaming "Allahu Akbar"

Nice:  Mohammad and his truck

'I'm delivering ice cream.'

*warning graphic* 84+ Dead, 202 Injured
...No Bullets Were Ever Fired at the Truck

...Authorities turn down police request to delete footage of fatal truck attack

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Why would that footage need to be publicly displayed?

Believe none of what you hear and only half of what you see.

Kabul suicide attack 80+ killed, 230+ injured

Munich Terrorist:  'Lured kids to death'

 ...9 Dead Aged 13 to 20 and one 45 year old

...Had advertised free food at McDonald’s  

Grinning Obama Jokes Through Munich Presser
What Are The Odds? Same Guy That Filmed the France Truck Attack, On Scene at German Mall Shooting...

Nice Hoax Confirmed with Dummies and Fake Blood Everywhere

Munich Terror Attack: This is Why and Who did it  

Muslims 'Behead' Priest in Normandy Church 


How the Vatican Created Islam

ISIS Burned Alive A 2-Year-Old Girl And Her Family For Leaving Town 

Islamist suicide bombers kill 13 at international airport

Syria: Deadly IS blast rocks Kurdish city of Qamishli 

At least 12 killed in twin suicide bombings near Mogadishu airport  

‘Violent Explosion’ Outside German Office For Migration — ‘Arab Men’ Fled Scene

Hamas 'summer camp' trains young Gazans for war 

Terrorists in our backyard: the Hezbollah threat in Latin America

ISIS Unveils New Undetectable Car Bomb Tactics 

Hidden Microphones Exposed As Part of Government Surveillance Program In The Bay Area Jn 8:36, Re 13:17

Muslim imam says it is 'permissible' under Islam to have sex slaves 

California Bill Proclaims August 'Muslim Appreciation Month' 

Eight citizens killed, scores injured in terrorist rocket attacks on Damascus countryside and Aleppo 

ISIS Executes Police in Egypt Terror Video 

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Even with a brief addressing on page 17, I'm still mystified by the title of this thread...

Laura Ingraham coined the phrase. This thread is named after this dirty yak:

Turkish firm that used photograph of 9/11 mastermind to promote hair removal product apologizes

Video shows men in Paris torching bus, reportedly shouting ‘Allahu Akbar’  

Church drones to drop thousands of Bibles on ISIS Matt. 5:43–48

View Post Hopefully they will drop one on you since you pervert the scriptures...

You're projecting again (
Eph 4:14, Jn 8:37).

Nope, I'm telling the truth again...

Let the reader decide (Eph 4:14).

Afghan father sells 6-year-old daughter into marriage for a goat, bag of rice 2 Ti 3:3 KJV, Ro 1:31 KJV

93 killed, over 120 injured in bomb attack at hospital in Quetta, Balochistan:  Pakistan

Vid: Little Islamic State Girl ‘Beheads’ Baby Doll on Camera 

Muslim terrorist shouting 'Allahu Akbar' stabs two Belgian policewomen  

ISIS abducts around 2,000 civilians in north Syria 

Not the Sharpest Knife in the Drawer: Family Fears British Girl who Went to Syria is Dead 

Swiss train attacker and one victim dead 

Video gives families of Chibok girls new hope 


Obama Can't Be a Racist--He's Black

Islamic State Boils Six Alive in Tar 

ISIS Recruits Ordered “Koran For Dummies” 

‘IS child bomber’ kills at least 51 at Turkey wedding 

Pam Geller Places anti-Jihadi Ads on San Francisco Buses

ISIS Releases Video of Jihadis Slaughtering Prisoners Hung From Meat Hooks on Islamic Eid al-Adha

9 Weird Things About The NYC And NJ Bombs That Will Make You Say Hmm

Khan of Londonistan pitches first ball at Mets game

ISIS:  Somali Terrorist Stabs 8 at Minnesota Mall

Obama Silent

New ISIS video sends warning to Putin

Signs of panic and rebellion in the heart of Islamic State’s self-proclaimed caliphate

Boko Haram leader mocks Nigerian army, parents of missing girls

Jordanian writer who shared cartoon mocking ISIS killed outside courthouse

ISIS Calls for Random Knife Attacks in Alleys, Forests, Beaches, 'Quiet Neighborhoods'

IS suicide bomber kills 30 at Kurdish wedding in Syria

ISIS to send 'serial killers' to the West in bloody new terror tactic

Western Burka Outrage

...Violent response: 'fear Allah'

Protests on Swedish island, attack on refugee center after rape of wheelchair-bound woman

Islamist rebels shoot dead 13-year-old Syrian boy for ‘insulting Allah’

Fatal plane crash near defense contractors in Connecticut: Jordanian student pilot

Now that American citizens are allowed to sue Riyadh for its alleged role in the 9/11 terror attacks, the Saudi press has launched an assault against the legislation

Guantanamo prisoner had surgery to fix damage caused by sodomy, lawyer says Ro 1:27

ISIS brutally kills 250 children in dough kneader and burns others alive in oven 

Man who raped 10-year-old boy at swimming pool in Austria has sentence overturned by Supreme Court 

Islamic State Takes 25,000 Civilian Human Shields in Kirkuk, Iraq 

‘Break the Cross!’ Muhammad Commands It

China confiscates passports of Xinjiang people 

White House Warns Against Blaming Religion of Islam After Ohio State Attack  


Ohio State University reports active shooter on campus

Islamic State Said to Execute Dozens in Mosul, Including Fleeing Child 

Female suicide bomber uses 3 children as decoy then blows herself up 

Boko Haram blamed for suicide blasts that killed dozens 

Welcome To Jihadi Land! Iran Opens Theme Park Where Children Pretend To Attack Israel And Western Enemies

20 injured in suspected car bomb blast near Besiktas stadium in Istanbul 

Nigeria Maiduguri: Two 'young girls' used as human bombs  

U.S. NYPD: Muslim teenager who reported harassment by Trump supporters made the story up

IS suicide bomb kills 40 Yemen soldiers in payday queue

Berlin police: Truck runs through Christmas market

IS suicide bomb kills 40 Yemen soldiers in payday queue

Jihadi mom kisses tiny daughters goodbye -- then blows up in suicide mission

ISIS video shows Turkish troops 'burned alive'

Boko Haram Jihadists Teach Boy Soldiers How to Rape Women

ISIS releases new video showing child jihadists hunting down bound 'apostates'

Istanbul nightclub ‘Santa attack’ kills

ISIS strap explosives to disabled fighters in wheelchairs 

Satire of ISIS wives stirs anger, praise 

Jerusalem: Truck Rams into Soldiers, 4 Killed

7-year-old jihadist beheads man 

Islamic State Starts 2017 with Video of Toddler Executing Prisoner on Playground  

Thousands of Muslims reportedly turning to Christ in Middle East John 16:8–11

Nigeria: Child Suicide Bombers Kill Five in Suspected Boko Haram Attack

Mali car bomb 'kills at least 37 people' in Gao 

Syria conflict: US says Idlib strike kills 100 al-Qaeda fighters

Islamic State Executes Man Who Cursed Allah 

ISIS reveal first deadly ‘reaper’ drone bomber that mimics US military craft in sick propaganda footage 

Suicide bombers are using babies to avoid detection 

Al-Shabab fighters attack Kenya military base in Somalia

Iran says to ban U.S. visitors in retaliation to Trump move  

Terror at the Louvre


The Final Jihad 

ISIS unleash lady jihadi biting brigade armed with ‘metal jaws’ to tear women to death 

Report: Islamic State Morality Police Torture 10-Year-Old Girl to Death

Hamas Teams with ISIS

Group claims rocket attack on Israeli resort 

Islamic State Using Brainwashed Yazidi Children to Conduct Suicide Attacks  

Islamic State Jihadist Says He Raped over 200 Iraqi Women: ‘This Is Normal’ 

Germany’s Bavaria to ban full-face veil  

Shiite Militia Finds Puppy Strapped with Islamic State Explosives 

Report: Al-Baghdadi to Islamic State: ‘Flee and Hide’ or ‘Blow Yourselves Up’ 

Islamic State Urges Jihadis To ‘Dress Up Like Jews’ And Carry Out Terror Attacks  

patrick jane
View Post What is a dirty Yak?

An Ishmaelite (2 Chr. 17:11).

Vid: Muslim Racially Abuses ‘Pork Eating’ Polish Male, Strikes Woman 

Hardline Islam and Saudi money are spreading across the Indian Ocean and into Asia 

Afghanistan: IS gunmen dressed as medics attack Kabul military hospital

Iraq: IS suicide bombers kill 26 at Tikrit wedding party  Iraq: IS suicide bombers kill 26 at Tikrit wedding party

ISIS strap suicide vest to 7-year old boy

New terrorist laptop bombs may evade airport security, intel sources say

Islamic State group using human shields in Mosul

DJ Sentenced to Jail in Tunisia for Remixing Muslim Call to False Worship

ISIS church bombings in Egypt kills 37

Palm Sunday horror

Report: Boko Haram's Child Suicide Bombings Up 200% This Year

Feds Arrest Detroit Doctor for Female Genital Mutilation of Girls Across American Midwest

'Shariah cop' cracks down on Minnesota Muslims 

ISIS Paris Attack on Eve of Vote 

ISIS to Jihadists: Use Fake Apartment, Job, Craigslist Ads to Lure Hostage, Murder Victims 

Copenhagen Imam’s Call: ‘Fight the Jews and Kill Them’ 

ISIS tests chemical weapons

Duterte Says ‘Spare No One’ as Islamic State Beheads Police Chief

Islamic State Jihadis Killing in Philippines as Young as 13 Years Old

Palestinian Authority Forces Christians to Fast In Public during Ramadan

Indy Muslims call out creators of local billboard that insults the false prophet Muhammad 

Ramadan Bombathon 2017: The Complete List of Jihadist Attacks Around the World During Islam’s Holy Month

Insider attack:  Afghan soldier fatally shoots three U.S. soldiers; 1 injured

Canadian Muslim Demands Pedophilia Be Legal

Charlie Hebdo publishes provocative Islam cartoon

Muslim ‘Mediator’ Defends Gang Rape After Attack 

ISIS Urges Supporters To Poison Food At Grocery Stores 

Islams’s favorite time of year:  “Eid al-Adha”- the holiday of animal sacrifice 

Israeli experts point at a new ISIS trend: Poison in malls

Bucket Bomb on Tube

France:  Hammer attack on two women by man screaming 'Allahu Akbar'

President:  Time to 'get nasty'

May Blasts Trump  

Jihadists eye 'train derailments and food poisoning' 

ISIS child suicide bomber blows self up in chilling video 

Study Shows Terrorists are Muslim

Chilling ISIS Vow to Kill Kids 

A flood of Muslims converting to Christianity in Finland, as they claim they no longer need Islam

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[James 2:24]

II.  Godly Faith (2:14–26): James contrasts having only head faith with having head, heart, and hand faith.

A.  Two examples of having only head faith (2:14–20)

1.   In regard to the destitute (2:14–18): Head faith by itself is empty faith and attempts to minister to the poor by pious words not accompanied by works.

2.   In regard to the demons (2:19–20)

a.   The fiction (2:19a): “Do you still think it’s enough just to believe that there is one God?”

b.   The facts (2:19b–20): “Well, even the demons believe this, and they tremble in terror!”

B.  Two examples of having head, heart, and hand faith (2:21–26)

1.   Abraham (2:21–24): He proved his faith by his willingness to offer up his son Isaac.

2.   Rahab (2:25–26): She proved her faith by protecting the two Israelite spies. Willmington, H. L. (1999). The Outline Bible (Jas 2:13–26). Wheaton, IL: Tyndale House Publishers.

London’s Muslim Mayor Calls for Trump Ban After Retweets. Church of England Demands Apology from US President 

Trump Jumps on U.K. Critics, Tells Them to Focus on Islam’s Doctrines, Not Tweets.

Violence erupts after prayers conclude in new Palestinian 'Day of Rage'  

Sarsour: You Have No Right To Tell Us We Can't Kill Jews

ISIS Calls on Disabled to Commit Attacks

St Petersburg supermarket blast claimed by IS

ISIS Goes To War With Hamas For Not Hating Jews Enough

There Have Been More Than 30,000 Documented Terror Attacks Worldwide Since September 2001

ISIS Pushes Appeal of 'Jihadi Cool' to Teen Boys Via Social Media   

Target Infidel:  ‘Terrorist dream come true’ ISIS using Bitcoin to fund deadly attacks and buy weapons

Palestinians Attempt to Bomb 1,000 Jewish Pilgrims Visiting Joseph’s Tomb, Judaism’s Third Holiest Site

ISIS Video Threatens USA: 'Now Time to Rise, Slit Their Throats' 

The Islamic Caliphate Has Relaunched The African Slave Trade, But CNN Won’t Tell You

ISIS Video Depicts Jihadists Waiting West of Paris for Attack on France

Grandpa Rapes 2-Year-Old Granddaughter, Muslim Mother Tries To “Fix It”

Reply to Alice Mary @Alicemary

Sick satanic criminal cult needs to be eradicated!

If there is to be a return to law and order.  :greedy: That remains to be seen. 2 Thess. 2:7, 8 

Reply to dazzy @dazzy

The most diverse countries sure do get whacked more often--than the deplorable ones.

Abbas threatens U.S. with ‘terrorists’

Indonesian Christians Flogged in Rare Shariah Punishment for Non-Muslims

Subpoenas Issued Against CAIR

On the Dirty Yak Watch