National Debt

[U.S. debt headed toward Greek levels by Jason Russell] "United States' projected debt over the next 25 years looks a lot like Greece's over the past 25.

With all the chaos unravelling in Greece, Congress would be wise to do what it takes to avoid reaching Greek debt levels. But it's not a matter of sticking to the status quo and avoiding bad decisions that would put the budget on a Greek-like path, because the budget is on that path already.

A quarter-century ago, Greek debt levels were roughly 75 percent of Greece's economy — about equal to what the U.S. has now. As of 2014, Greek debt levels are about 177 percent of national GDP. Now, the country is considering defaulting on its loans and uncertainty is gripping the economy..." Full text: U.S. debt headed toward Greek levels Pr 22:7, Hab 1:1-17, 2:1-10

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National Debt