Vitter: EPA FOIA scandal ‘no different than the IRS disaster’


[Vitter: EPA FOIA scandal ‘no different than the IRS disaster’ by Michael Bastasch] "A Republican senator says allegations that the Environmental Protection Agency has made it more difficult for conservative groups to obtain information is no different from the burgeoning scandal at the IRS.

Shortly after the IRS admitted to targeting conservative groups, it was reported that the EPA has routinely denied fee waiver requests from conservative groups seeking government records, while at the same time, approving such requests to environmental groups.

“We know the Obama EPA has completely mismanaged FOIA, but granting fee waivers for their friends in the far-left environmental community, while simultaneously blocking conservative leaning groups from gaining access to information; is really no different than the IRS disaster,” Louisiana Republican Sen. David Vitter told the Daily Caller News Foundation in an emailed statement..." Full text:
Vitter: EPA FOIA scandal ‘no different than the IRS disaster’ Am 8:5


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