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[Porn Icon Jenna Jameson Admits to ‘Massive Crush’ on Netanyahu | Breitbart] "Ynetnews reports: Former “Queen of Porn” Jenna Jameson, now a businesswoman and entrepreneur, wrote on Twitter earlier this week that she holds a strong admiration for Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu (whom she referred to as BeBe), for both political and personal reasons.

A stalwart Republican, Jameson voted for now-President-elect Donald Trump during the latest US elections. After linking to a prerecorded speech by Netanyahu screened at annual Saban Forum for Middle East Policy earlier this week, Jameson tweeted, “It’s so apparent Trump and BeBe are going to be great friends…. I have to admit I have a massive crush on @netanyahu.”" Porn Icon Jenna Jameson Admits to ‘Massive Crush’ on Netanyahu 2 Sam. 11:2–5, 1 Tim. 2:9

Madonna on Why Trump Won the Election: 'Women hate women" Jer 3:3

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That Madonna is a hoot!

She's made a career out of hating women and she's going to lecture female Trump voters right about now? Gen. 9:21–27


Treatment of women

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A porn queen and someone who supports Israel? Sounds like Jameson might have a spot waiting for her on Donald Trump's cabinet.

I know this Andrew Puzder (Labor) seems like a perfect fit for Trump (Pr 8:36, Ex 20:14). Those slutty Carl's Jr. commercials are appropriate in Biffville aka America. When I start agreeing with Julie Roginsky and Juan Williams on Fox News, something wrong.


Trump vs. Clinton

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