Nuclear Iran 

[Will Israel Strike by August? By Joel Rosenberg] "Will Israel Strike by August?...

Russia has just announced that it intends to allow the Iranian nuclear reactor facility located in Bushehr (near the Persian Gulf) to go live in August. This is an ominous development. Now Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu has a fateful decision to make. Will he order a preemptive military strike against all of Iran’s nuclear sites before August when the Bushehr site becomes “hot”? His mentor, Menachem Begin, ordered an Israeli air strike against Saddam Hussein’s Osirik nuclear reactor in Iraq before it went hot in 1981. Netanyahu wants the world to act with decisive unity to stop Iran from getting the Bomb. But that is increasingly unlikely. The Obama administration is no longer calling for “crippling sanctions,” and even if they were, it appears to be too late for sanctions to be effective. U.S. officials — including Defense Secretary Robert Gates — says Iran could have the Bomb by next year. German intelligence thinks it could be sooner. We need to pray for peace, but prepare for war..." Full text: 
Will Israel Strike by August?   Mt 24:6, 22, 2 Thess. 2:7, 8, Ob 7, Eze 38:3

How quickly will they use their nuke if they get it? .024 seconds or .073 seconds?

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Obama [Gog]

Response to comment [from an atheist]:  "I say let the whole lot of those barbarians tear each other to shreds while the rest of the world munches popcorn and watches."

What happens on that little piece of real estate affects the entire world.  No popcorn for you.
Ps 122:6.

Response to comment [from a Jew]:  "..."a few" nuclear weapons would be the end of us."

Yep.   It's a great day to be saved (Mt 24:22).

Yeshua loves you (Jn 3:16).  Jesus is willing to save you (2 Pe 3:9).  Repent (Eze 18:30-32; Ac 17:30).  Believe (Mk 9:23).


Isa 53

Response to comment [from other]:  "Hate for Israel and the US is among the few things most will agree on."

That's right.  If the nations surrounding Israel all agreed that they have the right to exist as a state, peace would follow in 12 minutes.  Anti-Semitism is Satanic and it's not going away (Eze 38-39).  

Response to comment [from a Catholic]: "Maybe you should learn who non-Zionist Jews are."

Maybe you should read Judges 11.

"They are generally quite orthodox, very conservative..."

You, being a Catholic, have more in common with orthodox Jews than you do with historical biblical Christians (Mt 15:9).


No Idolatry & False Teaching

Response to comment [from a Christian]:  "I don't believe God will ever allow a nuke to detonate over Jerusalem."

Mt 24:22

Kissinger: Iran nuclear crisis close

Unconfirmed: Key facility hit

Ahmadinejad: We're already nuclear

"Iran's supreme leader has issued a fatwa against the development of nuclear weapons....Republic of Iran, one based on mutual interest and mutual respect." ~ Barack Obama Ge 16:12, Jer 7:6, GW

"Barack Obama fears an Israeli strike more than he fears a nuclear Iran." ~ John Bolton

How Rouhani Is Playing Obama

Iran announces 34 new nuke sites

Israel Warning on Iran Bomb

Iran demands right to expand nuke program

Iranian state television broadcast simulated missile attack on Israel

French Tougher on Iran than Obama Admin

Netanyahu: 'A Historic Mistake'

Deal leaves Israel few options

Bolton: Abject Surrender

Secret US-Iran talks  

'Iran got what it wanted'

Report: Israelis inspect Saudi bases for possible strike

Canada 'deeply skeptical' about international nuclear deal reached with Iran

Peace For Our Time

Krauthammer: Worst since Munich

News Agencies Kept Iran Talks Secret

Suddenly the Left loves nuclear energy
Obama: Iran has a right to peaceful nuclear energy

Iran unveils ballistic missile technology

Rouhani: Iran Will Not Dismantle Nuke Facilities

USA extends oil sanctions waivers

Krauthammer: Nuclear agreement with Iran a 'sucker's deal'

Response to comment [from a Muslim]: "Obama would be an idiot to trust Iran. If he has any backbone at all he will not leave office without at least sending the B-2's at one point. And plus, I would very much like to see those babies in action."

Carter got us a nuclear Pakistan. Clinton got us a nuclear N. Korea. Obama will get us a nuclear Iran. 

Iran presses ahead with uranium enrichment technology

Updated: Six Reasons to Worry About the Iranian Nuclear Deal

Fmr. senior Israeli official writes oped for New York Times: “A Most Dangerous Deal: The Iran Agreement Does Not Address the Nuclear Threat.”

Iran quits nuke talks

Iranian Official: We Need Nuclear Bomb ‘So We Can Put Israel in Its Place'

'Secret side deal' with Tehran

Iran Celebrates American 'Surrender'; Obama Says 'Give Peace a Chance'

Iran '2 to 3 weeks' from nuclear bomb

Sanctions relief will allow Iran to have access to $4.2 billion

Trust--no verify

White House Seeks to Bypass Congress to Lift Iran Sanctions

Iran sends warships to Atlantic Ocean in historic first

Iran: 'We did not agree to dismantle anything'

Iranian official confirms country sought to build nuclear weapons

Obama Lied to Congress About Iran in State of the Union

Lawmaker: Text of Iran Deal Kept in 'Super Secret Location'

Clapper: Iran Can Now Build Nukes

Iran: 'Entire Nuclear Activity of Iran Is Going On'

Iranian TV airs simulated bombing of Tel Aviv, US aircraft carrier

Barone: Is Obama Quietly Courting A Coalition With Iran?

Iran proposes joint naval exercise with Russia

Lawmaker Calls on President to Release Text of Iran Deal

Expert: Iran ships dry run for nuclear/EMP attack

Iran seeks new Russia reactor in exchange for oil

Iran advancing nuke program despite pact with West

Obama warns of 'fallout' for Israel if peace effort fails

USA pushing Israel to stop assassinating Iranian nuclear scientists

Obama Prepares for Showdown with Israel's Netanyahu  

Netanyahu Warns: Iran nuke program 'clear and present danger'

US, Iran discussing nuclear talks compromise

Iran: 'Americans begging us for deal'

Obama's secret strategy  

Pelosi: Dems are too busy to attend Bibi's speech to Congress 

Phased US-Iran nuclear deal taking shape

Bibi Speech

Dems lash out at Netanyahu, Tell Him to Go Home, Call Him 'a Child'

Obama says read transcript; 'nothing new'  

Response to comment [from a Christian]: "He has more than one legacy. Nuclear Iran, ISIS, ISIL, end of America....etc etc."

Guess ISIS wasn't a "JV team" after all.

Iran’s leaders reject Obama deal, calling it “unacceptable.”

Senate GOP Sends Warning Letter to Iran: Deal With Obama Can Be Revoked

Kerry: Congress Won't Be Able to Change Iran Nuke Deal

Response to comment [from a Christian]: "Remember that Democrats such as Hillary Clinton are very hawkish."

I think you meant to say magpie.

Hillary Clinton blasts Cotton Iran letter

Senator warns Obama: Don’t skip Congress for U.N. on Iran

Obama Plots to Bypass Netanyahu with UN Action

Draft deal gives Iran green light on nukes 

Khamenei calls for 'death to America' as Kerry Hails Progress on Nuke Deal 

Saudi prince says Iran deal could trigger nuclear race

Obama allowing Iran to run nuclear centrifuges in an underground bunker that is impervious to bombing

Response to comment [from a Christian]: "Awwww – is that mean ol’ congress keeping bammy from turning the middle east into a land of unicorns and rainbows?

Is Barbie all for a nuclear Iran? 2 Pe 2:1


One World Government/Religion

Now Saudi Arabia Wants Nukes

Kerry: Nuclear Deal With Iran is Possible: “If Allah Wills It"

Reports: Iran Concealing Nuclear Materials in North Korea, Syria

President Obama on Iran nuclear agreement: 'It is a good deal'

Agreement reached on 'framework' for final Iran nuke deal 

Response to comment [from an atheist]: "In reality, the experts are saying these are good terms..."

2 Cor. 2:11

Response to comment [from a Christian]: "Est 7:10 So they hanged Haman on the gallows that he had prepared for Mordecai."

The good ol' days.

Rabbi's Haman: Obama is Haman

"...[T]he option of a future president to take action if in fact they try to obtain a nuclear weapon is undiminished.” Obama concedes deal could leave Iran closer to atomic bomb

Boehner: Congress Doesn't Have Votes to Stop Iran Deal

Iran Cheats on Nukes Again

Biden: 'Path has already been paved' for Iranian bomb

Senate Passes Bill to Give Congress Review of Iran Deal

"You're the Benedict Arnold of the country Mitch McConnell." ~ Mark Levin

Response to comment [from a Catholic]: [baby image]

Mt 24:22

Russia to start construction on the new a Iranian nuclear plant

Iran’s Nuclear Stockpile Grows, Complicating Negotiations

Nuke Dupe: Iran continuing work on missiles

Report: Tehran permitted to operate more than 5,000 centrifuges

Iran Repatriates 13 Tons of Gold Under Sanctions Relief 

Iran nuke talks lurch toward (another) deadline
'Never threaten an Iranian'

Iran Made Illegal Purchases of Nuclear Weapons Technology Last Month 

Nuclear talks deal
Netanyahu: 'Historic Mistake for World'
House Intelligence Chairman: Paves Way for Bomb
Kristol: We do not have the excuse that Chamberlain had 14 Jul 15 Bill Bennett Radio Program
Centrifuges Continue to Spin 

World strikes final “historic” nuclear deal with Iran. Will it bring peace, or war? Here are my initial thoughts. By Joel Rosenberg

UN Endorses Iran Nuclear Deal with 6 World Powers

Tehran: 'We will trample upon America!
Mt 24:6

Obama hides nuke deal docs from public Ob 7, Mt 24:6

Iran publishes book on how to outwit USA and destroy Israel Ob 7, Mt 24:6

Nuclear deal will make war with Iran more likely, former top military officials say in report Mt 24:6

Senate Democrats Block GOP Efforts to Thwart Iran Nuclear Deal Mt 24:6, 22, 2 Thess. 2:7, 8, Ob 7

Iran Side Effects Mt 24:6, 22, 2 Thess. 2:7, 8, Ob 7

Former Vice President Dick Cheney: Iran deal supporters will regret it Ob 7

Iran's top leader endorses landmark nuclear deal Ob 7

EU, US lift Iran sanctions Eze 38:3

Obama administration officials warn lawmakers over Iran sanctions

Is Obama's Iran Deal a 'Dhimmi' Contract?

One Year Later: Obama Glorifies “Unmitigated Success” of Iranian Nuclear Deal

Secret Document Lifts Iran Nuke Constraints
Cuts Time Tehran Would Need to Build Bomb in Half

Flashback: How Obama Admin Lied To Sell Deal  

Iran Joins Project to Build World's Biggest Nuclear Fusion Reactor

Netanyahu rejects Obama’s assertion that Israel now supports Iran accord

Report: US secretly agreed to waive Iran nuclear restrictions  

Signed Secret Doc to Lift Sanctions on Iran Banks Am 8:5

Fact-Check: Iran Deal Does Not ‘Eliminate’ Nuclear Program Ex 20:16

Comment: America's foreign policy is turning Iran into a world power

Iran urges Trump to uphold nuclear deal during presidency Mt 24:6, 22, 2 Thess. 2:7, 8, Ob 7, Eze 38:3

House extends Iran sanctions giving Trump leverage over nuclear violations  

U.N. nuclear watchdog confirms Iran shipped sensitive material abroad: diplomat  Am 8:5

Iran building nuke-powered warships

Iran’s Rouhani: We Upgraded to Advanced Centrifuges

U.N. watchdog exposes secret concessions in Obama’s Iran deal 

With Obama’s Approval, Russia Selling 130 Tons of Uranium to Iran  

Iran Approved To Import Additional 130 Tons Of Uranium

Iran says it will not renegotiate nuclear deal  

Iran Tests Improved Centrifuges, Threatens Trump with “Consequences” If He Tears Up Agreement 

Paul Ryan: It looks like the Iran deal is here to stay 

Obama Allowed Iranian Missiles that Could Hit Israel 

Iran continues to call for Israel’s destruction despite nuclear deal 

Iranian Official: We Can Force Trump to Keep Nuclear Deal 

Obama administration dialed back counterproliferation efforts to secure Iran deal 

Iran Using U.S. Cash to Fund Unprecedented, Massive Military Buildup  

Jewish News Service Report: Iran Gave Terrorist Group Hezbollah $400 Million in cash received from Obama  

Obama’s Former Defense Secretary: Yeah, We Lied To The Israelis That We’d Stop Iran from Going Nuclear 

Iran Refining Nuke Delivery System  

Iran seeking nuclear weapons technology, German intel says

Iran’s Rouhani says new US sanctions violate nuclear accord

Report:  Iran Inaugurates Production Line for Missile  

Iranian official: No one will inspect our military centers

Iran may quit nuke deal if US imposes sanctions, Iran’s president warns

The House has Launched A Full Investigation Into The Obama Administration

Never Forget that Obama thwarted an Israeli military attack against Iran’s nuclear facilities in 2014 by threatening to shoot down Israeli jets

Israel warns the world, Obama’s disastrous nuclear deal allows Iran to produce 200 bombs

Since 2015 Nuclear Deal, Iran Fired 23 Missiles – And International Community Did Nothing

Iran says missile work will continue despite Western pressure: Tasnim

He went ‘rogue’! Real reason Trump fired Tillerson

Mossad chief ‘100 percent certain’ Iran seeks nuclear bomb

PressTV-Iran warns of ‘special surprise’ if nuclear deal ditched

Iran Threat to Restart Nukes

Ahead of U.S. nuke deal deadline, Iran threatens to renew enrichment

No more a shadow war: Confrontation between Israel and Iran intensifies

Nuclear Iran