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[I'm Proud Of My Anglo-Saxon Heritage!]

I'm proud of my Welch & Austrian heritage. Not so proud of my Dutch heritage.  


Obama [Gog]

One World Government/Religion

Angel4Truth View Post I'm happy with how God made me.

Me, too (Ps 17:15).

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Whites took back the country!
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...[A]nd what are they gonna do with it now?  Give it back to the Indians?

Can't do that. We're going to need fuel for the coming war. The pagans will have to deal with it. They'll be rich; so, they'll get over it.

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...Here comes the Fourth Reich.


Dear Germany: Have you learned anything? By Dennis Prager 

Wars & Rumors of Wars

Merkel tells Turkey to stop Nazi references; Turkey repeats comparison

Turkish daily depicts Merkel as 'Frau Hitler' on front page

Donald Trump claims Germany owes the US and NATO ‘vast sums of money’ for defense of Europe against Russia

Naked people slaughter a sheep at Auschwitz death camp

Canadian Parliament Officially Condemns Criticism of Islam
Ge 16:12, Jer 7:6, GWT

Anti-Semitism expressed by a quarter of the German population Mt 24:9,

Israel blames Germany for EU support of UNESCO anti-Israel resolution  

Berlin orders barracks inspection after Nazi symbols found

Pro-Nazi Soldiers in German Army Raise Alarm  

Angela Merkel declares 'Islam is not the source of terrorism' but the Christians who make Muslims feel angry because of 'Islamophobia' Jn 15:20–23

Merkel warns USA, Britain no longer reliable partners 

Berlin mayor allows Hezbollah to march in ‘Zionists out of Israel’ rally 

Uncovered: Germany on its Way to Fulfill Role as Israel’s Biblical Arch-Enemy Amalek

Israel supporters are the enemy within Germany, Social Democrat says

EU army comes forth: Calls for pan-European military training across EU nations

Berlin Mayor: Anti-Israel BDS Movement Like Nazis

Germany to work to maintain global unity if US de-certifies Iran deal

German army 'plans break up of EU' in war game

EU Army: Brussels signs off military plan & hails historic day without UK

UK out, Germany down, France on top? Macron may bid for EU leadership crown

Merkel is the administrator of the West’s downfall

Dead Sea Scrolls do not belong to Israel, Germany says   

German Government ‘Anti-Extremism’ Initiative Funds a Pro-Iranian Regime Group

Germans Fear Huge Loss of Jobs from U.S. Tax Cuts 

One Third of Germans Want ‘United States of Europe’ 

Germany starts enforcing hate speech law

AfD politician 'censored' under new German 'hate speech' law

…Nazi-Style Purge 

Thank God we’re leaving.  Macron and Merkel plot massive EU power-grab in latest revelation 

U.S. professor sued for calling a German cop a Nazi claims ‘extraordinary corruption’  

East Germany’s Stasi is back   

US steel tariffs: Germany’s Merkel calls for EU exemption

Q Analysis: Merkel, Australia (and a little bit on Kenya) Tracy Beanz

Germany’s Merkel plans to visit Trump as trade deadline looms: Bild

Caroline Glick: Germany Abets a New World War

German neo-Nazis mass for festival on Hitler's birthday 

...New Anti-Semitism Problem

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