Night and day: President Trump warmly welcomes Israel’s leader & the contrast with the Obama years couldn’t be more vivid.

[Night and day: President Trump warmly welcomes Israel’s leader & the contrast with the Obama years couldn’t be more vivid. By Joel Rosenberg | Central Israel] "Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has been warmly greeted and embraced this week by President Trump, Vice President Mike Pence, and by the Congressional leadership of both parties.

As I told Laura Ingraham on her radio show today, the contrast between what we’re seeing unfold with the Obama years could not be more vivid — “it’s night and day.”

Understandably, the five critical questions I raised on this blog yesterday remain to be answered. It will take some time for the Trump team to define its Mideast policies in all these key areas in granular detail, and for Trump and Netanyahu to come to agreement on how best to work together vis-à-vis Iran, ISIS, the Palestinians, and the extraordinary open door that currently exists with moderate Sunni Arab regimes in the region.

But one thing is crystal clear: U.S.-Israeli relations are stronger and healthier than they have ever been. May our enemies take notice..." Full text: Night and day: President Trump warmly welcomes Israel’s leader & the contrast with the Obama years couldn’t be more vivid. Mt 24:6


Wars & Rumors of Wars

Nasrallah warns: Hezbollah’s missiles can hit Israel’s nuclear reactor   

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How is it possible for the Trump administration to be ( now secretly) pro Russia/Vladimir Putin while at the same time pro Israel?  Russia of course has very close ties with Iran, the same Iran that has vowed to "wipe Israel off the face of the earth".

Neither Trump nor Putin would like to go to war.

Everyone burdens themselves with Jerusalem. Zech 12:3 KJV It's not their problem.  

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I can't imagine that Iran would be all that eager to trigger a retaliatory Israeli strike...

I can (Dan 10:13).

Iran in new military drills despite US warnings  

China piles pressure on North Korea by banning coal imports  

US ‘unwavering’ in support for NATO allies, says Pence  

Israel warns Hezbollah after threats to hit reactor 

Pentagon deploys carrier to contentious South China Sea

...Carrier group begins ‘routine’ patrols 

‘Hezbollah might have game-changing naval missiles’ 

United Nations Identified as Christian vs. Muslim Battleground for Final War of Messiah Ps 83

Ayatollah: We will liberate ‘Palestine’, remove cancer of Israel

China opposes U.S. naval patrols in South China Sea

'Radiation spike' sparks fears Putin tested nuke in Arctic

Four Dead Russian Diplomats in Three Months 

Iran ready to give U.S. 'slap in the face': commander

...To Begin “Grand Prophet 11” Missile Tests

Russian military continues massive upgrade

Russia is protected from missile attacks around perimeter

Delivery systems "Bastion" on the Black Sea fleet is completed

This is How Russia Could Use Bastion Systems Against Ground Targets in Syria

Push back against NATO: Shoigu called the period when the Russian Defense Ministry will fully switch to the complexes "Iskander"

...The Russian Missile NATO Fears

Russian and Belarusian commandos conducted the first joint training session in preparation for the teaching

Russia’s defense chief to mobilize new cyber army

Czechia 'Loses Sovereignty' After Pride of Czech Army Comes Under German Command

Trump deploys tanks to Estonia as NATO builds up army on Russian border

China finishing South Sea buildings that could house missiles Mk 13:20

IDF jets allegedly attack Hezbollah targets in Syria

Global arms sales at highest level since Cold War

North Korea Mocks China for ‘Dancing to U.S. Tune’  

Iran warns Arab states: Don’t be enticed by Israeli attempts to win Arab allies 

First time since Six-Day War: ​Jerusalem to expand

Trump wants to expand U.S. nuclear arsenal, make it 'top of the pack' 

Trump: North Korea ‘Should Have Been Taken Care of During the Obama Administration’  

New Zealand surprised Israel by sponsoring anti-settlement UN resolution  

Iran plans to buy Kazakh uranium ore, seek Russia help to make nuclear fuel 

Iran holds naval war games amid rising tensions with US  

North Korea Executes Five Officials With Anti-Aircraft Guns

Putin says draft U.N. resolution to sanction Syria ‘inappropriate’  

South Korea, U.S. begin large-scale annual drills amid North Korea tension

White House Considering Use of Military Force To Counter NKorea  

US airstrikes conducted in Yemen overnight: officials  

Red Cross says seven treated for exposure to toxic agents near Mosul  

‘The Lebanese Army will fight alongside Hezbollah in a war with Israel’  

Netanyahu to urge Russia to say ‘nyet’ to Iranian ops near Israel border

NKorea Fires Ballistic Missiles into Sea Near Japan

...Missile launch was training exercise for strike on US bases in Japan: KCNA

Japan Moves to Highest Alert Level

Iran vessels force U.S. Navy ship to change course; Come within 600 yards

Russia’s developing 100 megaton dirty Tsunami Creating submarine drone bomb 

Missile defense system that China opposes arrives in South Korea  

Beijing warns of 'consequences' over deployment 

Little too little, little too late: China calls on N Korea to suspend missile and nuclear tests

...Japanese lawmakers argue for first strike options

Russian Military Expert: 'We Are Quietly Seeding The U.S. Shoreline With Nuclear Mole Missiles' 

...Deploys cruise missile, responds to NATO 

Trump sends B-52s to SKorea  

Islamic State in Syria Ge 16:12, Jer 7:6, GWT

Light war: space-based lasers among Beijing’s high-tech arms

China Warns Of Nuclear First Strike In Response To THAAD Deployment

US nukes just got a lot deadlier — and experts say it could cause Russia to attack 

Japanese Warship to South Sea

US deploys attack drones to S Korea

Navy Simulates Strike on N Korea  

Kim Jong-un threatens 'merciless' attack on US for S Korea drills

Russia moving special forces into Libya  

Revolutionary Guard commander: Hezbollah more prepared than ever to attack Israel  

Estrangement between Europe and Turkey grows as a referendum on Erdogan’s power nears

Pakistan to deploy army brigade in Saudi Arabia: Reports


Egypt’s Sisi expected to meet with Trump in DC ahead of Abbas visit  Is 19:22-25

U.S. Is Sending 400 More Troops to Syria  


Putin threatens use of tactical nuclear weapons


Obama [Gog] 

China arsenal of missiles at the ready  

With Obama Gone, China Plans To Trample His Red Line In The South China Sea

Russian Anti-Smoking Campaign: “Smoking Kills More People Than Obama, Although He Kills a Lot  

North Korea has no fear of U.S. sanctions move, will pursue nuclear arms envoy 

US flies nuclear-capable B-1B bomber after North Korea's failed missile test 

US Marines have recently offloaded several military vehicles into South Korea 

North Korea Set for Nuke Test 

NKorea conducts another missile engine test 

Russia warns 'Nuclear War' risks breaking out in Europe 

...Calls U.S. Black Sea naval patrols threat 

Russia Joins US in Race to Field Gun-Launched Swarmbots  

Iran- Russia can use military bases ‘on case by case basis’  

About 200 US Airmen and Twelve F-16C Fighting Falcons deployed to Greece for military drill  

NKorea threatens US over Kim Jong-un Fat Jibes 

Massive Drills By Both Russia and NATO Planned for September 

Putin spokesman- Relationship 'maybe worse' now than during Cold War  

Moscow And Beijing Join Forces To Bypass US Dollar In Global Markets, Shift To Gold Trade  

Defector - Kim Jong Un Will Use Nukes 

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So what's the biblical solution?

Another Ro-Ro cargo ship 'El Camino Español' (A-05) reported as NATO warship A 05 is heading toward Beirut, Lebanon 

ISIS Attacks US-Led Base In Southern Syria, Assad Accused of Using White Phosphorus  

Russia, Iran Warn U.S. They Will 'Respond With Force' If Syria 'Red Lines' Crossed Again 

...'On verge of military clash' with Russia:  PM Medvedev  

...'Real War' To Any Further US Strikes In Syria 

Media: Jordan, US and UK begin operation on Syrian border 


US General Discusses Military Aid on Lebanon Visit Am 1:5, Zeph 2:7, 12-13 

Russian Defense Ministry to suspend communications hotline with Pentagon as of April 8  

China, South Korea discuss more sanctions on North Korea amid talk of Trump action 

Vid: Chinese Troops In Mexico 

Seoel Plays Down Possibility of Pre-Emptive US Strike on N Korea  

NKorea Warns 'Reckless' 

...We'll Nuke You  

Report: China Sends 150,000 Troops to North Korean Border  

Putin: US Preparing to Bomb Syrian Capital  

...Expects More False Flag Gas Attacks  

Rep. Gabbard under fire after refusing to accept ‘Assad did chemical attack’ without proof  

Ex-CIA Agent- The Official Story of Syria Govt “Gassing Innocent Civilians is a Sham 

Tillerson: Assad 'Regime' Coming to End 

...Russia Must Choose Between Assad and the U.S.  

Syria war: Russian officers ‘could face sanctions’ 
White House Reveals New “Red Lines”: Assad’s Use Of Barrell Bombs Could Lead To More Strikes  

Monitor says Syrian forces use barrel bombs despite US warning 

A third of the "Tomahawks" who reached Shayrat as a result of a shortage of DRLO aviation and a weak ABM in Homs province  

New Russian Buk-M3 SAM System to Enter Service Soon 

Interview with Journalist Vanessa Beeley  

US completely unwilling to cooperate on Syria & consider other interests – Kremlin  

Alleged Chinese missile deployment near Russia targets the U.S. - expert

Tillerson: Even China sees what a threat North Korea is to its interests

China in preparation for the Korean Peninsula emergency situation  

US-China summit, Trump presses Xi on trade, N. Korea; progress cited


US Billions Prop Up Military That Toppled Egypt's President  

U.S. warplanes launch bombing campaign on Islamic State in Libya

Vid: MOAB explosion Afghanistan

Kim Jong-un to test nuclear weapons despite Trump warning  

China says North Korea tension has to be stopped from reaching 'irreversible' stage 

North Korea makes menacing boast it will take on Donald Trump with ‘merciless’ strikes on South Korea and US bases

N.Korea attempts but fails to launch missile - S.Korea

Fears Kim Jong-un Has Missile That Could Hit America

US Conducts Successful Field Test Of New Nuclear Bomb 

NKorea Missile Launch Hacked?  

Trump 'Ready to Strike Nuke Sites'

Russia appears to deploy forces in Egypt, eyes on Libya role – sources 

Pence: US era of strategic patience with North Korea over

China, Russia Send Ships  

‘Our military is building’ Trump says he has ‘no choice’ but to build up army

Putin 'moves military forces' to North Korea border

NK Vows Weekly Missile Launch

Report: US Deploys More Aircraft Carriers Toward Korean Peninsula

Hawaii Preps for Attack

US successfully performs zero-yield nuclear test

Russia says plans a meeting with U.S. and U.N. on Syria in Geneva: agencies 

Report: US Deploys More Aircraft Carriers

North Korea accuses US of creating situation for nuclear war

North Korea Is Refusing Communications With China

US intercepts 2 Russian bombers off Alaska's coast

NKorea TV Runs Video Showing Missiles Blowing up US

...Possess 10-25 Nuclear Weapons

Russia claims 'electronic bomb' can wipe out entire US Navy 

NKorea threatens US to ashes

...Warns of 'super-mighty preemptive strike'

...Advances toward sub-launched missile

Nuke Sniffer Emergency Mission to NKorea

Vice President Mike Pence Warns North Korea By Telling Them ‘The Sword Stands Ready’

China Bombers on High Alert

Russia moves troops and armored vehicles to border  

Russia flexes muscle over Pacific

...Bombers buzz Alaska to Japan

Greater power, less restraint: Turkey’s new constitution lets Erdoğan call the shots  

US naval armada to be in Sea of Japan in days

Satellite Images Suggest North Korea May Have Resumed Nuclear Test Preparations  

Japanese warships to join US fleet near North Korea as tensions rise

North Korea says ready to strike U.S. aircraft carrier  

...Nuke Site Buzzes With Activity 

Entire US Senate to go to White House for North Korea briefing  

North Korea tensions: US submarine arrives in South Korea  

Turkish jets bomb US-backed forces in Iraq, Syria, US officials say 

THAAD System Moves to S Korea  

US To Test Fire ICBM That Can Reach North Korea

N Korea's holds 'largest ever' live-fire artillery drills 

China launches aircraft carrier, boosting military presence

Israel strikes Iran-supplied arms depot near Damascus airport Is 17:1, Jer 49:23-27

Palestinian Authority says it’s halting Gaza power payments to Israel

Israeli defense minister warns of Iranian presence in Golan Heights

Senators Told North Korea Nuclear Threat Is Urgent

China Tests New Weapons

Putin Warns

Kim Jong-un ‘ready to send army of 500,000 women soldiers to the frontline’ if war with the US erupts  

Israel-Syria Border Heating Up Leads to Tensions With Iran And Russia    

Night and day: President Trump warmly welcomes Israel’s leader & the contrast with the Obama years couldn’t be more vivid. (TOL), (CARM)