71% of Americans see Russia as “clear and present danger” to US & NATO

[With Trump & Putin set for first phone call, exclusive new poll finds 71% of Americans see Russia as “clear and present danger” to US & NATO | By Joel Rosenberg] "During the campaign, candidate Donald J. Trump rightly warned that America’s friends “are beginning to think they can’t depend on us” while “our rivals no longer respect us … [and] think they can get away with anything.”

In his inaugural speech, President Trump wisely vowed to “reinforce old alliances and form new ones” in light of current and emerging threats.

Trump is moving quickly to keep this promise. On Friday, he will welcome the first foreign leader to the White House: British Prime Minister Theresa May.

Among the topics the two plan to discuss: how to strengthen the “special relationship” between the U.S. and the U.K., and strengthen the NATO alliance amidst current and emerging threats. Among their most serious challenges will be dealing with the increasing aggressiveness of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Unfortunately, in the U.S., the subject of Putin has become the subject of bitter partisan wrangling, especially after allegations that Moscow tried to interfere in the American elections. But Russia should not be treated like a political wedge issue. The stakes are far too high, and Americans of both major parties are deeply concerned by the growing challenge posed by the Kremlin..." Full text: With Trump & Putin set for first phone call, exclusive new poll finds 71% of Americans see Russia as “clear and present danger” to US & NATO Mt 24:6


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...Iran is playing with fire

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[Iran testing missiles]

They're not nice to Trump.  

Report: Iranians Chant ‘Death to Trump’

N Korea Tests Another Missile  

Belarus at the centre of Russia-NATO wargame simulation

Putin checks combat readiness of Russia’s air defenses  

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Jets Buzz U.S. Destroyer

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Chronology for Crimean Russians in Ukraine 

China warns US against fresh naval patrols in South China Sea 

Russia Issues Warning to US Ahead of Key Military Meeting

China May Bar American Ships From Passing Through Its Waters

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Last weekend, Putin and Trump had their first phone call since Trump's inauguration. It would have been in the evening for Putin. The following morning, at about 07:00, a new Russian offensive started in Ukraine.  What do you suppose they talked about?

I'm not the CIA so how would I know?

Putin probably had hoped that Trump would help allow Russia to do business in the world.

It would appear that he will maintain course heading to WWIII. Mt 24:6

 71% of Americans see Russia as “clear and present danger” to US & NATO