Honoring your spouse

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Hello everyone, I have something heavy on my heart and strongly desire a Biblical/Christian view of my issue. Most know of the target boycott and usually I don't get caught up in boycotts but this is one I felt strong support for and have stated to my family that I do not wish for our money to go to them any longer for moral and religious reasons. My wife was not in full agreement because understandably she enjoyed shopping at target. I recently found out today that she has been shopping there after going to cash out rewards we have built up. She usually pays the bill and I don't look at it...I thought us to be on the same page but apparently we are not and she has female friends that supporting their husbands is not their top priority.
I consider this from a biblical standpoint as not honoring me as her spouse and the head of the household...

Headship is not biblical. :dizzy: Why don’t you do the shopping? :smokie:


Unbiblical Headship Doctrine

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The best thing you can do is to pray for God to influence your wife to come into agreement with you...

You don't follow a parked car.

Honoring your spouse