Women Joining the Workforce

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I'd like to know what does God say about women working out of home...

A mom should stay at home to raise her kids (Tt 2:5); but Jezebel types come in both female and male. Often wives don't get support from their husbands to be stay-at-home moms. A mom in our culture isn't valued unless she's sent her kids off to day-ay-don't care and brings home more money for a second BMW.  When asked what she does for a living, she's supposed to be able to answer more than just--laundry (Pr 31).

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...[I]t is better to have a less money than to be 8 hours out of home.

Moms used to send their kids to day-ay-don't care only in the case of an emergency--they were widowed--they had no other choice, etc. Today, day-ay-don't cares are on every corner. Dr. Laura Schlessinger used to ask moms why they had children if they didn't want to raise them. Pr 22:6

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If a woman has to go out to work to help her husband to support the family, God will still bless...You are not sinning.

God-fearing men and woman find a way to keep her at home (Tt 2:4).

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...When we got our first child we asking the Lord and decide that my woman will stay at home. She is physiotherapist and got after some while the asking from her former Chief to come back to work. Before we were finished to decide (and we prayed for) our second son told us he is growing now. Meanwhile we have 4 children and my wife stayed at home for to serve us. But its difficult. The society and also in the church your are less worth if you are not going for work! We have less money, but my wife is there for the family and serves in the choir and children ministries in our church.

1 Ti 6:6

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I tried the housewife bit for the first year of marriage. I'm just not housewife material.
I'm preparing dinner as fast as I can dial.  

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Christian women are enrolled into God's 'work-force', first and foremost, by seeking/listening/obeying what The Holy Spirit guides them to do...
Ro 8:14

Women Joining the Workforce