Why is Christianity so focused on Sin?

pradeep View Post Why is Christianity so focused on Sin? Why can't it be just about experiencing the love of God? Why not just about knowing the Holy Spirit, living by the wisdom in the Bible?

Jesus came to set sinners free (Mt 1:21). :straight: You thought he came to die for you because he nothing better to do? Your sin will be on you or it will be on him. Your choice.

…[M]ost people are not sinners but are struggling.

You fail to appreciate the exceeding sinfulness of sin. Your sin may not offend you; :reals: but, it most certainly offends God (Lev 20:7).

They feel normal human emotions like anger, frustrations, hate, even lust. Why is that evil?

Ask God (Mt 5:27-28). You'll agree with his assessment of you or you won't. :juggle:

Now such a person would love to experience the love of Jesus & the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

You can love your sin :reals: or you can love Jesus. :straight: Your choice (Jn 3:19).

…[T]hey first have to confess their sins, feel bad about themselves…...

Come as you are. He does the sanctifying (1 Pet. 1:2).

My parents know me with all my shortcomings. They still love me…...

Christians have relationship and fellowship. Some claim one cannot lose his fellowship but not his relationship. They're wrong (Heb 10:26).

"God loves you. He will live without out you." ~ J. Vernon McGee

If Christianity was more about spreading the love and forgiveness of Jesus…...

He came as the Lamb. He returns as the Lion. You can meet him as friend or foe. Your choice. Re 22:12.

pradeep View Post ... [M]y problem is specifically about people having to confess themselves as sinners every day, even though their so called "sins" would be something as insignificant as getting up late in the morning.

Why is it sinful to sleep in? :squint: You can confess the sins :listen: that God is aware of or not (1 Jn 1:9). You are commanded to love him (Lk 10:27). You will or you won't. :idunno:

We find him all loveable (1 Jn 4:17-19). :straight:


Why is Christianity so focused on Sin?