When is it right to fight back?

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Ecclesiastes 3:8 "There is a time for war and a time for peace."

Live in peace (Ro 12:18).We don’t fight our own battles (Jud 9). Why would we do that? Ro 12:19, 20

Hungry View Post ...Often what the government calls "defending liberty" is actually enforcing tyranny.

Fighting the Vatican's wars. :olinger:

JIMBO43 View Post ...I would have loved to have battled in Gods army that defeated the sheetites and the crapolaites...

If you're a Christian, you are in God's army. You live in enemy territory. Haven't you noticed? 2 Co 4:4

Depleted View Post the Bible is charged with God telling his people to completely annihilate other nations and he clearly told us to put on our battle gear, but you won't fight back?

Is God telling you to annihilate lands that aren't yours? Joshua is a mini Revelation. The battle is his.

JIMBO43 View Post Are you for war or against it?

The US fights for Rome. I'm against the beast and the Whore who rides it. I hope you won't be crying when she burns (Re 18:9–10a, 11–19a). I'll be doing a Snoopy dance (Re 18:20).

JIMBO43 View Post The soldiers as you put it fight for what they believe is the reason for war.

They believe their leaders are trustworthy. They aren't (Am 8:5).

No 1 reason is freedom of religion.

We are post-Christian. Do you mean freedom from religion.

Should we let innocent Christians die whether there Catholic or Jewish or Serbian or African?

Is that what they tell you?

Merkel says that neither you nor we are good for anything anymore, anyway. The Leopard's ready to pounce.


The Leopard

JIMBO43 View Post [They believe their leaders are trustworthy. They aren't (Am 8:5).] Are leaders are ministers of God.

If a police officer comes to you home to arrest you for murder, he does not bear the sword in vain (Ro 13:4).


Theology Thursday: The Bible's Criminal Code by Bob Enyart

You be ready to pounce all ya like...
I'm not pro-one world government/religion. Nimrod II will be here soon.

I would be ready to pounce for the right reasons...

Russia bad. US good.

Unlike your view who lets everyone roam free...with free will...

God gave you a will.

...And also a bit of greasy gracing...

His grace won't stick to you if you stab him in the back.

It's all a conspiracy against the government of the USA or England. Just another Christian who thinks he knows it all.

1 Co 1:27

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...A lot of [Christians] ...let the power go to there head and become executioners...

What criminals do you want to go free? Do you happen to commit the same crimes yourself?

"Man's own religion usually descends to the fleshly life to which they themselves practice." ~ Jim Andrews

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...[S]tabbing God in the back? Where did you get this idea from? Sounds pretty evil...

Lk 23:21 :dizzy: Stabbing God in the back is evil.

"If you blow off God, He'll blow you off too." ~ Doug Giles


Judgment for the Ungodly

If I was you [sic], I would do some praying as that hate of yours will be your downfall.

"Truth is hate to those who hate the truth." ~ Bob Enyart Eph 4:14

When is it right to fight back?