What is the Lake of Fire judgment?

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In my opinion this is the final destiny of the unsaved...

That’s correct. Love never fails (1 Co 13:8). :straight:If you don’t love God, :reals: that’s where you’re going (Rev. 21:8). :burnlib:

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If one does not love God then they are already in hell…

They’re not in hell yet (Heb 11:25).

…which spiritually is a state of mind (disposition) that is separate from God by their sins.

They have :greedy: many things; but, they don’t have peace (Is 48:22). :cloud9:

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Hell metaphorically speaking is the state of spiritual unconsciousness.

False (Eph 4:14). :dizzy: Hell is eternal punishment (Mt 25:46). You will be aware of your punishment: bodily (Matt. 5:29, 30), in your soul (Matt. 10:28) with degrees [e.g. depending on what you’ve done] (Matt. 23:14). 

If God isn’t just, God isn’t good. Payday someday (2 Pe 2:1).

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Eternal as in, time doesn't exist.

Do you exist? :dizzy: Re 8:1

"Body" as in, you remember having one.

You remember here? :hammer:Do you think you’ll be more stupid in heaven? :Plain: Re 21:4

And your internal torment is based mostly on what you have said to others.

You will be punished exactly as you should be. Jn 19:11, Lk 12:47

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God is just which is why we have a Savior so we can walk in righteousness.

We walk in righteousness when we pass from death to life (1 Jn 3:14). :straight:

…[A]ll need deliverance. 

Yep (Ro 3:23).

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What is the Lake of Fire judgment?