The voice of truth

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In the Christian faith there are numerous voices. Which voice is the truth?  Is it the Catholic church...?

If you're interested in living like a pig, dying and going to hell, :burnlib: sure (Jud 11). :idunno:



Plans and programs do not save (Ga 1:6-8). :olinger: Jesus saves (Isa 63:9; Eph 5:23). Jesus alone saves (Isa 45:21,22; 59:16; Ac 4:12).


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There is little the Pope can do to really seek and stand by the truth...

He stands against the truth (Jud 11). He'll be screaming like a little girl soon (Re 18:9–10a, 11–19a, Re 18:4).


Roman Catholicism

The voice of truth