The hidden and denied sin of idolatry

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...An idol is:
- an object of passionate devotion.
- any object of ardent or excessive devotion or admiration.
- something or someone on which the affections are strongly and often excessively set.
- any thing or person that is the object of excessive or supreme devotion, or that usurps the place of God
in human affection.
- whatever claims the loyalty of that which belongs to God alone.

Idolatry is:
 - immoderate (exceeding just and/or suitable bounds of) attachment or devotion to something.
 - excessive devotion to or reverence for some person or thing.
 - blind or excessive devotion to something.
 - immoderate attachment to or veneration for any person or thing.
 - the giving of absolute religious devotion and ultimate trust to something that is not God; immoderate
attachment or devotion to or veneration for something. or someone The Compact Dictionary of Doctrinal Words. Terry L. Miethe, p. 112

Yeppers (Ex 20:3).


Self-Control, Part 1 by Alistair Begg

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To worship an idol is vanity. Something desirable to the worldly, but in the end will be worthless even to them.

Heb 11:25

The hidden and denied sin of idolatry