The finished work of the cross?

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Is Christianity simply about what Jesus did in dying on the cross or is it about Jesus the Christ, the Only begotten Son of God?

He died for your sins (Luke 19:10). If you’re saved, he destroys Satan’s work in your life (Heb. 2:14; 1 John 3:8).

…[I]f saying I believe then means you can never possibly sin again...

Is that what the apostle John says? 1 Jn 1:9

…[D]oes that mean a liar or a cheater isn’t really sinning because we have a scapegoat now for the things we do that we Know are in opposition to what is right?

For the greasy gracer (the false convert) yes. He believes that Jesus’ sacrifice was his license to sin (Jud 4). He’s never known God (Mt 7:23).  Every sin will be paid for by you in hell forever or by Jesus on the cross (Ga 6:7).

…and the cross just excuses that?

For the greasy gracer,
yes (Jud 4); but, they die in their sins (Jn 3:36). Catholics teach that they control Jesus—bring him down from heaven daily all over the world on various alters to be re-sacrificed again and again. They sin Monday through Saturday, confess on Sunday and think they’re good with God. They aren’t (Ro 10:6). They’ve been deceived (Jud 11) believing they won’t die eternally (Ge 3:4).

...How does His death promised long ago, change the rest.

In the church age you can accept Christ as your Lord and Savior now. Noticed I said Lord and Savior. Not I’ll take that Savior bit and leave out Lord of my life. When the church is gone (wise virgins) strong delusion comes and a new dispensation arrives--something like the OT. They didn't love the truth, they believe the lie (2 Thess 2:11).
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[ Greasy grace (Jud 4)] To mock the grace of God by calling it greasy is a rather serious charge against God's grace.

It is (Ps. 19:13).
...[I]t is basically saying let us do evil that good may come.

Ro 3:8
...[T]hen you are teaching that the law justifies.

The law is a mirror. It shows you that you are a sinner in need of a savior. In case you doubted that, it makes you sin more (Ro 7:7, 10).
I would think twice about mocking the grace of God.

I would, too (Mal 4:4-6, Mt 24:14).


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God's grace super-abounding toward us. Rom 5.21

God won't demand you love him (Jer 17:9).
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...[I]t actually grace which inhibits sin.
If you've got grace.

The finished work of the cross?