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[State Department Office Removed Benghazi Files After Congressional Subpoena: Release of records delayed over a year due to removal by Alana Goodman] "State Department officials removed files from the secretary’s office related to the Benghazi attack in Libya and transferred them to another department after receiving a congressional subpoena last spring, delaying the release of the records to Congress for over a year.

Attorneys for the State Department said the electronic folders, which contain hundreds of documents related to the Benghazi attack and Libya, were belatedly rediscovered at the end of last year.

They said the files had been overlooked by State Department officials because the executive secretary’s office transferred them to another department and flagged them for archiving last April, shortly after receiving a subpoena from the House Select Committee on Benghazi..." Full text: State Department Office Removed Benghazi Files After Congressional Subpoena Am 8:5


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Par for the course in Hellary's world. If Hillary is president the lies, deception and secrecy will only get worse. It's all about appearance for her. She "appears" to be a good person and that's all she worries about, no matter what she has to do to perpetuate her good image.

She literally projectile vomits green goo and people will still vote for her. I'd ask--if she spins her head all the way around, will she still get your vote? But at this point, why bother?

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