Should Judaism reclaim Jesus as one of its own?

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They never claimed Jesus to begin with.

They won't accept him (Jn 5:43). They will accept the antichrist. 2/3 die (Zech 13:8).  

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…Many mistakenly believe that all Jews will be saved…

Many died in the Holocaust. Many more die in Jacob’s trouble.

…[I]t's all of this remnant that will be protected by God.

Right. They believe Revelation and flee (Re 12:6). They live.

3 ½ years remain from that mid-point (Day of the Lord). The sixth seal is opened and God-haters experience God'
s wrath.

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...What do you mean by Jacob's trouble?

Jer 30:7

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We have zero to learn from him [Jesus].

You Jews never get it right the first time. :dizzy: That's ok.  You'll get it the next time.  

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You Jews?  Is that like, You blacks...How insulting.

What does ethnicity (Ac 17:26) have to do with bad theology? :squint: Ga 3:28, Zech 13:6

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That doesn't excuse the use of racist-like expressions.

:yawn: We are one race--the human race (Ac 17:26, Col 3:11).  :dizzy:

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...[W]hy did you say You Jews?...[I]t's a prejudicial statement.

:yawn: No it's not (Eph 4:14). :hammer:

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...[Y]ou Protestants ...

Racist! :sozo2:

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[T]he comment you quoted about Protestants was just as insulting...[I]t was prejudiced against those who follow a certain sect of a religion.

:idunno: I'm prejudiced against myself :maxi: (Eph 4:14). :dizzy:

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God blinded the majority [of Jews] for the sake of the Gentiles.

In part not all (Ro 11:25).

Should Judaism reclaim Jesus as one of its own?