Shooting at Fort Hood

Shooting at Fort Hood--Again


FBI, Military in hunt for Army recruit planning 'Fort Hood-style jihad'


Ft Hood  

Response to comment [from a Christian]: "News from yesterday:  FBI Hunts Army Recruit Suspected of Plotting Jihad

"The FBI is searching for a recent Army recruit believed to be planning a "Fort Hood-inspired jihad against U.S. soldiers," has learned.

The alert, whose legitimacy was confirmed by military and law enforcement officials, stated that a man identified as Booker had told friends of his "intention to commit jihad." Booker, who is also known as Muhammad Abdullah Hassan, was recruited by the U.S. Army in Kansas City, Mo., in February 2014 and was scheduled to report for basic training on April 7. But he was discharged last week, apparently after law enforcement authorities learned of his alleged plan." Link

KDFW via KCEN-TV reports that police are investigating the possibility of two shooting suspects.

"Wouldn't that be a weird coincidence if one of them isn't that guy?"

Some are saying it started from an argument?

Obama Heads to Fundraiser

KCEN-TV: NBC reporting one in custody following incident at Fort Hood military base.

CNN: Shooter in Ft. Hood is dead, law enforcement officials confirm from a self inflicted wound.

"How did he get a self inflicted wound while in custody?"

Not sure?

Deceased subject appears to be the only shooter in Fort Hood incident, U.S. military official

Fort Hood press release: "Unconfirmed" initial report that shooting suspect deceased

KTVT: Sources say Fort Hood shooting suspect is a soldier.

CBS News: Sources identify Fort Hood shooting suspect as 34-year-old Ivan Lopez.

KXXV reports four dead, including shooter

KWTX: Fort Hood shooting suspect Ivan Lopez was an active duty soldier, worked as a truck driver for the U.S. Army.

At least 3 still in critical condition after attack. Six others in serious condition.

On Meds: 'Mental Health Issues, Was Being Treated', 'Served in Iraq', PTSD, 'Depression, Anxiety' Eccl 3:8

Sources familiar w/the investigation tell ABC News the gun used Wed at Ft. Hood was purchased at same store where Nidal Hasan got his gun. Steven Portnoy.

Fort Hood Mother to Congress: Why Am I Better Armed Than My Son? Lk 22:36

Response to comment [from a Christian]:  "This man asked for time off. The jerks at the office refused to give him the proper form to properly request time off, and told him to, "come back tomorrow". He got angry and went out to his vehicle to get his gun and came back in and shot the supervisor and several others in the office, went back to his vehicle, drove around and shot many others..."

Many others who are trained to use firearms.  They were not permitted to defend themselves (Lk 22:36). 

"Apparently the mentally ill have less tolerance for bureaucratic garbage than those of us clinging to sanity..."

I'm sure we all agree that his major malfunction is no reason to shoot up a base (Ex 20:13).

Bill to Arm Soldiers in Wake of Fort Hood Lk 22:36

Let our soldiers carry the weapons that they were trained to use. Or will we start a Fort Hood Pt III thread?


Fort Hood I

Shooting at Fort Hood