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[Veteran CDC employee resigns after she was caught helping Coca-Cola gain political influence over health authorities: CDC employee tasked with reducing diabetes lends helping hand to sugary beverage maker by Julie Wilson Intellihub] "America’s “health” authorities have again been caught conspiring with Big Food to ensure their products remain on the market and lucrative, despite mounting evidence of causing widespread, chronic illness among millions of people.

The latest example of collusion between the food industry and the U.S. government involves a veteran employee with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) who was caught helping Coca-Cola and a food industry front group gain political influence over the World Health Organization (WHO).

Emails obtained through a Freedom of Information request filed by U.S. Right to Know found that Dr. Barbara Bowman, who worked as a senior nutritionist for Coca-Cola before beginning a career with the CDC in 1992, was eager to help the beverage company gain approval for its sugary drinks, which are strongly linked to obesity and type 2 diabetes..." Full text: Veteran CDC employee resigns after she was caught helping Coca-Cola gain political influence over health authorities Am 8:5, Jn 8:36, Re 13:1-18 

CDC declares medical police state, announces power to detain the sick and punish those who do not comply 

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Good!  They can start with Hillary!

Never seems to work out that way.  

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[To whom are you referring?] ...[T]o the people who wrote and posted the article.

You had called her pro-nanny state. She is bringing corruption in the department to your attention (Am 8:5).

I called the author of the article and you "pro nanny staters" for implying that soft drinks should be made illegal due to health concerns.

I haven't said a thing about soda. I could care less about soda. And no, I'm not pro-the nanny state, not a Sodomite, not a libertarian (an immoral conservative).

Maybe in the future you should write a disclaimer saying that you don't agree with everything that the author of the article says?

I post articles with which I agree and others with which I disagree.  

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