Roman Catholic Godparents

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[I]t is extraordinary for a newborn infant to respond for him or herself during the actual Roman Catholic baptism ceremony. So, it is up to the child's godparents to renounce Satan for him and pledge that he will live according to the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church.

Unfortunately, Roman Catholics: :olinger: do their sinning on Friday (Heb 13:4), confess their sins on Sunday (Mt 6:7) :blabla: and then they start all over again on Monday (Jud 11). :burnlib:

Since it is their duty to raise the child in the RCC faith, should anything happen to the parents, the child's parents usually choose those whom they consider to be "good Roman Catholics"…...

Ro 3:12 :hammer:

…[A]nd also, those of wealth and influence is also taken into consideration since the godparents remain a life-long resource. Do you know who and where your Roman Catholic godparents are?

Luca and Kelly Brasi and they sleep with the fishes (2 Pe 2:1). :dizzy: 


Roman Catholicism

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...I can see a prejudiced statement...

Have you ever met a "good" Catholic?  :idunno: I have not (Mt 7:20, Ro 3:12, Jud 11).  :juggle:

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...I think it’s an exceptional RCC godfather who would decapitate a horse to help his godson's career.

And that was back when they were genteel (2 Ti 3:13).

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[Have you ever met a "good" Catholic? I have not (Mt 7:20, Ro 3:12, Jud 11).] Do you mean a good person who happens to be a Catholic…

”There’s always hope.  There’s just no chance.” ~ Dennis Prager

I have both as friends and family members and they are all very wonderful.

Let’s see what Jesus says about them at the Great White Throne (1 Pe 4:5).

…I try very hard to keep good company!

Good luck with that (1 Co 15:33). :granite:

Also just because a person carries the label Catholic, it doesn't mean they agree with Real Presence…

If you love the Lord Jesus, you’ll find a way to escape the brothel (Ro 8:14, Re 18:4).  


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[Catholic devils] It's at least good that you are open and honest in bigotry.

:yawn: Eph 4:14

What does ethnicity have to do with false teaching? Ac 17:26

pvb replied

Don't worry I will not be swayed!

We have nothing to worry about (Lk 21:36, 1 Thess 5:9).  You have all kinds of things to worry about (1 Thess 5:2).  

Why I'm No Longer Roman Catholic Fred Tarsitano 

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I have never understood why Catholics focus on Mary so much. I'm not being insulting; I just don't understand why.

They are idolaters (1 Pet. 4:3). 

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[Y]ou are a Protestant so I expect ignorant comments like that.

:yawn: Eph 4:14

Get your eye off Mary :noway: and on Jesus. :straight:

Jesus loves you (Jn 3:16). Jesus is willing to save you (2 Pe 3:9). Repent (Eze 18:30-32; Ac 17:30). Believe (Mk 9:23). 

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I need no education to be convinced to follow Catholicism as long as Jesus appointed Peter to lead the God-created church that reigns in Rome.  I see no point arguing may God have mercy on those who do not believe.

:yawn: You're projecting again (Eph 4:14). :noway:


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Is the Catholic Church the true Church?

No (Jud 11). :olinger:


Roman Catholicism 

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Do you believe in Purgatory?

There is no Purgatory (2 Co 5:8). :dizzy:


No Purgatory 

Roman Catholic Godparents