Protestant Salvation

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Of course. Now--is Protestant salvation in its fullest sense dependent upon what [individuals] do, or do we automatically have it?

Men have always been saved the same way—by grace through faith. 


Works vs. Faith

What to "Do"

James said, “But someone will say, ‘You have faith and I have works.’ Show me your faith apart from your works, and I will show you my faith by my works.” Jas 2:18.

Paul spoke about the root of faith (Eph 2:8).  James spoke about the fruit of faith (Jas 2:17-18)."  ~ Adrian Rogers

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[Calvinist] Whom are those that God elects?

If you'd like to be elect, then repent (Ac 8:22). :idunno: Now, you're elect. :dizzy:


Does God Elect Everyone?

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It is God who does the electing.

God initiates. Men respond. :straight:

Responsibility.  Is increased by:  sight (John 9:39–41), privilege (John 15:22, 24), opportunity (Matt. 11:20–24), continuance in sin (Matt. 23:31–35), rejection (Matt. 10:11–15). Thomas Nelson Publishers. (1996). Nelson’s quick reference topical Bible index (p. 529). Nashville, TN: Thomas Nelson Publishers.

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[God initiates. Men respond.] That is simplistic...

Simple not simplistic (Jn 3:16). 

John 3:16. It doesn't say a thing about humans responding.

Keep reading (Pr 8:17). :Poly:

That verse does not say God initiates, Men respond.

Keep reading (Ac 17:27). :Poly:

Not only do we have a third attempt to avoid the inability to prove your original claim...

:yawn: Eph 4:14

If you have never responded to God, what reason would you have to believe that you’re his? Because you’re a Calvinist? :freak: 2 Pe 2:1

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It doesn't say a thing about humans responding.

You do not believe a response is requited to live. I do (Ac 11:18).

“I prefer clarity to agreement.” ~ Dennis Prager

The Holy Spirit will not indwell one prior to his repentance (Ac 2:37, 38). He does not have the right to become his child without having received him (Jn 1:12).

…Prager is not a believer…

And, he’s a serial adulterer (Heb 13:4).  :BRAVO: A broken clock is right twice a day. :freak:

You’re a Calvinist (2 Pe 2:1).  I am not. 

“I prefer clarity to agreement.” ~ Dennis Prager  

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Don’t know what Youre means.   

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[God initiates. Men respond.] If this is true then, hell will be forever empty as the God who is love will never end HIS patience (love is patient) until all have responded and are saved.

Except not all will be saved (2 Thess 2:10). :dizzy:

Sorry, Calvinist.  :hammer: Real choices have real consequences.

"If you blow off God, He'll blow you off too." ~ Doug Giles Mt 10:33


Is God Outside of Time? Not according to the Bible. By Bob Enyart  

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[Why do Christians seek to enforce their beliefs?] …Prosthelytizing is pretty much part of the religion.

Right.  Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation (Mk 16:15).

“We give out the word of God.  What men do with it is their business.” ~ J. Vernon McGee

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The Great Commission has been accomplished.

If that's true, why are we still here? Ge 18:16-33  

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If a person believes that only their religion leads to Heaven and everything else leads to hell, it makes sense that they would want to enforce their own religion.

Yes. It's called love (Ac 20:20).  

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Proselytizing can be seen as natural, normal, the correct and moral thing to do...

Yes, like winning the lottery (Jn 14:6). You'd obviously tell somebody.   

Protestant Salvation