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He has given to every man a measure of faith...

Men have an internal testimony (Ro 2:15), an external testimony (Ps 19:1) and the scriptures (Jas 1:18). Therefore they are without excuse (Ro 1:20).

II.        The Believer and Service (12:3–21)

A.        The grace (12:3) : Be honest in your estimate of yourselves.

B.        The gifts (12:4–8)

1.         The illustration concerning these gifts (12:4–5): Paul likens spiritual gifts to members of the human body.

2.         The identification of these gifts (12:6–8): Seven spiritual gifts are listed.

a.         Prophesying (12:6)

b.         Serving (12:7a)

c.         Teaching (12:7b)

d.         Encouraging (12:8a)

e.         Giving (12:8b)

f.          Leading (12:8c)

g.         Showing kindness (12:8d)

C.        The guidelines (12:9–21)

1.         How to deal with ones friends (12:9–13, 15–16)

a.         Love and honor them (12:9–10).

b.         Show them your zeal and joy (12:11–12).

c.         Share with them (12:13) .

d.         Mourn and weep with them (12:15) .

e.         Live in harmony with them (12:16) .

2.         How to deal with ones foes (12:14, 17–21)

a.         Bless them when they persecute you (12:14) .

b.         Let God repay them for the evil done to you (12:17–19).

c.         Give them food when they are hungry and water when they are thirsty (12:20–21). [1] Willmington, H. L. (1999). The Outline Bible (Ro 12:2–21). Wheaton, IL: Tyndale House Publishers.

...[A]fter the new birth, the believer grows in the Lord out of his own independence to the Christ-life. As this takes place, all of the personality traits of the Christ within begin to surface.

Prior to new birth you're dead (Eph. 2:1).  :dead: Results of the new birth :straight:are:  new creature (2 Cor. 5:17), changed life (Rom. 6:4–11), holy life (1 John 3:9), righteousness (1 John 2:29), love (1 John 3:10), victory (1 John 5:4). Thomas Nelson Publishers. (1996). Nelson’s quick reference topical Bible index (p. 111). Nashville, TN: Thomas Nelson Publishers.

New Creation