Mystery Babylon the Great is Jerusalem 

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Mystery Babylon The Great Is Jerusalem...Jerusalem Is Mystery Babylon The Great, The Mother Of Harlots...Jerusalem Is Guilty Of All The Earths Blood, And That Of The Prophets, As Rev 18:24 States…


Someone needs a rabbis shot (Ge 12:3). :granite:


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God loves Jerusalem with eternal love.


Yes, he does. :thumb: If you believe in replacement theology, :reals: you are basically saying that God doesn't keep his promises--you're calling him a liar.  Don't do that. :Plain:




What is replacement theology / supersessionism?


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The OP says that Jerusalem is the Mother of Harlots. That's a lie!


Lie from the pit of hell.  If you hate God's people, you're Satanic (Esth. 3:6, 13).:reals:


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Christ came as Priest and reigns as King?


Son of David--my Lord (Mt 1:1). :straight:

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Mystery Babylon the Great Is Jerusalem