My non-existent god can beat up your non existent god

Bucky Ball Wrote:  ...You get to reject the gods for which there is no evidence...

You know God exists. You just hate him (Ro 1:20). [Image: dizzy.gif]

unfogged Wrote:  You know there is no god; you're just too insecure to face reality.

If you didn't believe in God, you wouldn't spend so much time talking about him (Rom. 2:5–8). [Image: blabla.gif]

cactus Wrote:  [Boy George video]

If homosexuals didn't believe in God, why would they insist on getting [Image: quoties.gif] married? [Image: sozo.gif] Why not just say--who cares? [Image: idunno.gif] Gen. 2:18–24

Szuchow Wrote:  ...Aquinas and Augustine...

Greek paganism. It's our job to root out and correct their teaching (Ac 17:11). [Image: read.gif]

unfogged Wrote:  ...If I wasn't surrounded by people who repeatedly try to force their bronze-age beliefs...

No one's forcing (your word) anything on you. [Image: dizzy.gif] Perhaps you're confusing Christians with [Image: machine_gun.gif] Muslims.

"We give out the word of God. What men do with it is their business." [Image: read.gif] ~ J. Vernon McGee

unfogged Wrote:  Christians are a much bigger threat to civil liberties...

Jn 8:36 [Image: dizzy.gif]


Albert Pike's 1871 Plan For The Three World Wars

My non-existent god can beat up your non existent god