My name is Christopher Hartley...

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Christopher Hartley, a Man of Kent, a Truth seeker all my life.

My first desire to know more came from my Grandma telling me about the Bermuda Triangle when I was about 6...

It's just coral.

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Isn't bubbles the latest theory.  Still plenty of unsolved mysteries though

We've got another mystery headed at us at 55,000 miles per hour. Gettin' a little hot around here don'tcha think?  

Planet X?

Disinformation campaign (Am 8:5). It's a I don't what it is מָן‎‎.

Uh, speak English?

Hebrew for manna (Num. 11:7–9)--What is it?

It's warming up because of human activity.

Al Gore would agree with you (Am 8:5).

My name is Christopher Hartley...