[Robot Preacher Gives Automated Blessings and ‘Beams Lights’ from Hands by Charlie Nash | Breitbart] “A new robot preacher allows users to receive automated blessings in different languages before it beams light from its hands.

“BlessU-2” is currently on display in Wittenberg, Germany, a town which has close ties to Protestant figure Martin Luther, and was created by the Evangelical Church in Hesse and Nassau, according to the Mirror.

“It consists of a metal box with a touch screen, two arms on the side, a head with eyes and a digital mouth at the top,” the Mirror explained. “After the robot wishes users a ‘warm welcome,’ it asks them if they want to be blessed by a male or female voice. It then asks the believer ‘what blessing do you want,’ which results in the robot making a mechanical sound as it raises its arms to the heavens and starts to smile.”

“Lights then start to flash in the robot’s arms as it says‘ God bless and protect you’ and recites a biblical verse,” the Mirror continued. “After the blessing, the user has the possibility to print the dictum,” similar to a fortune teller machine…” Full text:  Robot Preacher Gives Automated Blessings and ‘Beams Lights’ from Hands 2 Pe 3:3

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A robot preacher? What is that?

It blesses, shines light, etc. 2 Chr. 36:16