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[Nextdoor.com post:  vote, rapture] Could you please post a neighborhood event for when the rapture will happen?

I could; but, then :sozo2: you’d hate me (Pr 9:8, Dan 12:10, 2 Ti 4:3).  :juggle:

I bet some folks would like to wrap up some loose ends before moving on, while many heathens would probably like to know when the grocery stores will be less crowded. Thank you!

You’re a ‘glass half full’ kind of guy.  :idunno: Re 22:11       

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Brandon.  You are my hero!

Too bad that’s not Jesus (2 Pe 3:3). 

Too bad. :chz4brnz:

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From a teachers view please vote for Graziano, Holtzmann, Leung, and Schor for the Board of Education.

Get your kids out of the godless public schools (Pr 22:6).

“You don’t reform a brothel.” ~ Bob Enyart

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Are you a "one issue" voter?

If a candidate can’t get it right on life, he's not fit to run a lemonade stand (Eccl 10:2, Jn 10:10). These lower offices can lead to higher offices.

Are you not aware that this is a women's health issue?

Women in the womb? :idunno: Pr 8:36

If you are a Trumpster…

Not a child-killing, serial adulterer fan, :greedy: no (Eccl 10:2, Jn 10:10).

…[H]ow do you justify that with God?

No blood on my hands. :idunno:

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Politically motivated posts are unhelpful to your neighbors and telling others how to vote is considered campaigning by Nextdoor and is not allowed.

Then they’ll Image delete this post (Jn 8:36).  :idunno:

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…[P]erhaps you should ask your religious leaders how to vote…

Our elders (1 Tim. 5:1, 19) don’t 1. live here 2. know these people.

I’ve sent the candidates (Arnold, Gruber, Hettich, Hiltz, Huffman, Laeke, Tobiassen, Wagner) a message to let them know that we are discussing them here--while it’s permitted (Jn 8:36). :shut:  Maybe they will respond.

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Thanks for the opportunity to respond.  Nextdoor is specific in asking candidates not to use their forum to canvass for the election.

Really?  What a shame.

Nextdoor is specific in asking candidates not to use their forum to canvass for the election.  My experience is that serious discussions on Nextdoor often degrade into snarky name calling.

Yes, I’ve seen that in my post already—even more a shame.  :sigh:

...Can you tell me if you are pro-life?  E.g. Should the child in the womb be declared a person and therefore have the right to live?  Are you pro-marriage between one man and one woman for life?

Thank you for your service to our country and good luck in the election.

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my [sic] daughter is not in a public school.

Good. :thumb:

And if she was [sic] it would be none of your business.  You asked for advice and I gave it to you via a teachers [sic] view.      

Makes sense. :o

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[Facebook reply shared his personal email]

Thank you for your reply on Facebook.  May I ask you the same questions that I asked of Ret. Col. Dave Gruber?  He said that you all are not really allowed to post on Nextdoor.com--remember when this used to be America? [Enclosure:  same questions re:  life, pro-marriage and family.]  

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I am pro-choice and have the endorsements of Colorado BlueFlower Fund, Vote Pro Choice, and the support of Planned Parenthood Votes Colorado.  I also support marriage equality. Please feel free to post them into the comments on my behalf.

Heard back from Allison Hiltz. She is a pro-abort (Pr 8:36) and does not support marriage [one man, one woman (Gen. 2:18–24) in covenant (Matt. 19:6) :straight:for life (Rom. 7:2, 3)]. :granite:

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Can we all agree that regardless of who we vote for, our societies problems will not be solved in 2-4 years?

I won’t be here in 2-4 years (1 Thess. 4:16, 17). :rapture:

…We’re all living in the same community, and on the same team.

Don’t know that that’s true (Mt 12:30).  :rolleyes:

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Let’s keep it simple and love our neighbors. 

Love tell the truth (Ac 20:20).  :Poly:

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Leslie, Roe v Wade was settled 44 years ago.

You love child-killing (Pr 8:36). I do not.

“I prefer clarity to agreement.” ~ Dennis Prager  

[Post removed] "Truth is hate to those who hate the truth." ~ Bob Enyart Image Mk 9:41, 13:7, 25:8, 40, Dan 10:13, Ps 105:15, Ro 14:4, Mk 6:11, Is 45:24, 54:17, Re 12:10, 12, Jud 1:9

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