Is cross-dressing sin?

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[Repentant sinner] ...I also feel extreme guilt...

There is no place for guilt in the life of a Christian.  Jesus paid for our sins on the cross.  Now, live by faith (Hab 2:4).

Sometimes people think that their current circumstances are due to past sin.  That’s bad theology (remember Job’s friends?).  One in Christ is a new creation (2 Co 5:17).

The apostle Paul said, “I know that in me, that is, in my flesh, dwells no good thing.” Ro 7:18.  We are:justified, sanctified and one day will be glorified.

If you’ve offended someone than you need to ask for forgiveness from that person. You don’t need to discuss your struggles with others whom you have not offended.

Jesus is your friend.  He’ll get you from here to there.  They mocked our Lord for being a friend of sinners (Lk 7:34).  He gets the last laugh.
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If one has accepted sinful lifestyle as being ok, this is the Holy Spirit saying repent because that person is actually guilty of committing sin.

God knows his heart. He'll either do God's will or he won't (Jn 7:17).
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[God knows his heart. He'll either do God's will or he won't (Jn 7:17).] Yes, and others are supposed to tell him what God says in His Word about this so he is informed of the consequences of his decision to knowingly live in rebellion against the Lord.
As everyone has done here, yes (Deut 22:5, Mt 19:4). I don't think he--and he is a he--disagrees. He--and he is a he--lives in disgust with himself. If he's truly repentant, then God will clean him up (Heb. 9:14).
One needs to know the truth... rather than being encouraged to live in sin...
A Christian would not encourage him to live in sin. He'd get that advice from God haters.
...and it's all good with God which is a lie cause, it's not all good with God be live in sin!
Jesus came to set the sinner free (Jn 1:29). He didn't come because he had nothing better to do.
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This raises an interesting question as to whether women who wear Trouser suits are cross dressing and therefore an abomination as well. Also if the clothing is made of mixed material is it a double abomination...


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Is cross-dressing sin?