I cheated on my husband

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…Can someone please explain to me what I need to do to earn his trust back and have him trust me that I am sorry and that I know I hurt him and I will never do it again? I need to show him daily that I am sorry and make up for hurting him and lying to him for years.

You’re defiled (Jer. 32:34). He is not required to have sex with you again. God promotes everything good which leads to life and healthy living (Jn 10:10). He does not ask his children to take on venereal diseases (1 Co 7:15).

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Brittney is "defiled." Is there no redemption (for her and/or her marriage)?

Adulterers are to be put to death (Lev. 20:10–12). That doesn’t happen in our culture. Instead, they are made President :greedy: and First So-Called Lady (Heb 13:4).

Her husband is not required to have sex with her again. Why would a loving devoted, Eph 5:25-practicing Christian husband want to never have sex again?

Deut 24:4

Jesus came so that the sheep may have life, and have it abundantly. Is that no longer possibly for Brittney?

She can be forgiven (Lk 17:3).

How does she earn back her husband's trust?

She could turn herself into the sheriff and ask to be put to death (Lev. 20:10–12). :idunno:

I see in another op that you're not a big fan of divorce (good).

Heb 13:4

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Yes, the OT Mosaic code did require both partners in an adulterous relationship be stoned to death. However, that does not answer the question asked: is there no redemption for Brittney and/or her marriage?

Our culture does not obey God's law (we'll be judged for it). She can be forgiven (Lk 17:3).

Jesus did not have the adulteress stoned...

And you thought that meant anarchy for the rest of us? Ro 13:4. When did God nail do not murder, do not commit adultery to the cross? The law is for the lawless (1 Ti 1:9).

[Deut 24:4 Put the adulterer to death, defilement of the land] That verse is about divorce and remarriage, not adultery.

There's no such thing as divorce. Don't ask questions for which you don't want the answer (Mt 19:11).

...a self-appointed authority and arbiter of God and His word instead of a submitted obedient of God and His word?

Drink up. Fornicate on (Re 22:11).

I will ask the question again and by grace with patience and kindness provide an opportunity for you to answer...

Deut 24:4 isn't going anywhere. You want a defiled land? You've got it. Heb 13:4 Here he is...Mr. America...

Brittney can indeed be forgiven, but can she have life?

At the expense of everyone around her (Eze 13:19). :idunno:

How is forgiving the dead person going to help Brittney, her husband...

He would be a widower--far preferable to his current position that being a chump.

Is it no longer possible for Brittney to have abundant life in Christ?

She is free to humble herself before the Lord at any time.

How's she gonna do that if she's stoned cold dead?

She'd give the matter more thought as the noose tightened around her neck.  Her kids would be less likely to commit the same crime (Mt 18:6).

How do you see that actually working in real life?

I live in America where a concubus :greedy: and a concubine occupy the White House (Jer 16:2). You think that's beautiful. I think we will are ripe for judgment.

"I prefer clarity to agreement." ~ Dennis Prager

...[V]engeance is God's job, not ours...

Government's job is to enforce the law.

"If God doesn't judge America, He'll have to apologize to Sodom and Gomorrah." ~ Billy Graham

[Concubine and concubus--a reflection of us] What makes you think I think that's "beautiful," sd?

You don't think the first adulterous couple is beautiful? Ex 20:14, Heb 13:4

You stated I think it's beautiful that a concubus and a concubine occupy the White House.

That was a question (Eph 4:14). :chz4brnz:

I am asking you: what makes you think I think a concubus and concubine in the White House is beautiful.

That was a question (Pr 26:4). :chz4brnz:

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[Various threads] You are repeating yourself.

:yawn: So are you (Pr 26:5).

[You don't think the first adulterous couple is beautiful? Ex 20:14, Heb 13:4] Only because the question asked is not being answered.

:yawn:You're free to clarify your undying support for marriage at any time (Eph 4:14).

Shoulda read some more of my posts before making that comment.

:yawn: No thanks (Eph 4:14). Image

Marriage is one man, one woman in covenant (Gen. 2:18-24) for life (Rom. 7:2, 3). Some honor marriage. Others do not (Heb 13:4). All will give an account (1 Pe 4:5).

...[Y]ou will have to give account for making false accusations against a brother in Christ...

:yawn: Adulterers are to be put to death (Lev. 20:10–12).

...Have you ever read the book of Hosea?

I have.

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I cheated on my husband