Hypothetical- adultery

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Poll Q for the married, mainly.  You discover that your increasingly distant Christian spouse has been unfaithful. Confronted, they do not deny it but aren't particularly contrite either -- instead blaming the admittedly imperfect* marriage for "forcing" them to the arms of another while still married to you, who they know have been faithful.

A repentant man will confess his sin without assessing blame to the victim of his crime—his wife (Lev. 20:10–12). If he is not willing to admit his sin, then more time is needed for restoration where restoration is possible (1 Cor. 7:10–17).* All liars go to hell (Re 21:8). Church discipline is necessary for the adulterer (Mt 18:15-17). If he doesn’t repent, he’s going to hell (Jas 5:20).

Not many escape once ensnared by an adulteress (Prov. 7:6–23). Our culture does not take marriage seriously (Jer. 16:2); but, God does (Heb. 13:4). She is his joint-heir of the grace of life ‘esha [fire of life]’ (1 Pe 3:7). When he shows up at the Great White Throne without her, he if left only with a consuming fire (Ga 6:7).

*The wife is not required to return to intimacy with her defiled husband (Deut. 24:4, Mt 19:11, Jn 10:10, 1 Co 7:15).

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"Marriages can survive adultery, but they usually can not survive spite or disdain." --DennisPrager.com, Male-Female Hour

Prager is a serial adulterer (Rom. 7:2, 3).

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[Dennis Prager] [Y]our answers are ever someone else's reasoning and or labor.

Prager rejects Mt 5:28. He’s a defiled reprobate (Gal. 5:19).

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...Each person must follow God's direction.

The community around the couple (Jer. 16:2) usually does not implement church discipline (Mt 18:15-17); and so, the sinner is lost for good (Jas 5:20). They have blood on their hands (Eze 33:8).

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Reconcile at any cost…
Reconciliation is encouraged (1 Cor. 7:10–17).
Seek to reconcile, but only after they admit they chose to sin.
Lying to one’s spouse is stealing their life (Re 21:8); because, it’s taking reality from them (Ferguson). Our culture does not take lying seriously; but, God does (Ps 15:4 ESV, Lk 17:26-29).
Do not accept the blame.
Was the victim of the adulterer cheering him on when he broke his vow? Heb 13:4

Hypothetical- adultery