Husband is converting to Catholicism

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My husband and I have been married for almost four years. We were both raised Protestant, and have held to those beliefs until a few months ago when my husband started researching Catholicism and he decided to convert. I have done my own research into Catholic beliefs and I find some of them to be unbiblical. My husband and I have talked on numerous occasions about Catholicism and every time I show him a Bible verse that contradicts a Catholic belief he gives a different Bible verse he believe supports it. He has made up his mind, he is going to Mass now and he bought a rosary.

We both want children, and he said he would allow them to be raised Protestant and not tell them about Catholicism until they turn eighteen. However, I believe the husband is supposed to be the spiritual leader…

He’s deceived. Headship is not biblical. You must lead.

My question is, should we have children if I am Protestant and he is Catholic?

No. You’ll raise more spawns of Satan (Ge 3:16). There is no guarantee that he will ever be saved (1 Co 7:16).

They will see their dad, my husband, practicing his Catholic rituals.

Like a good Catholic, he’ll run off with someone younger and more beautiful than you (Jud 11).


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Husband is converting to Catholicism