How to identify false teachers

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...[H]ow do you identify false teachers?

Test them (1 John 4:1-6). Who is their Jesus? What is their gospel? How is one saved? Eventually their horns show.

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One of the things that the Bible invariably says about false teachers is that they lead ungodly lives. So, in addition to what they teach we should also look at how they live.
They are ungodly, yes (Mt 7:20, 2 Pet. 2:12-19).
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...[They] deny the deity of Christ.
Right (2 Pe 2:1). No cult or 'ism will get by Jn 1:1.

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A false teacher is like counterfeit money. You have to know in detail what real money looks like to spot a counterfeit.
Yep (Ga 5:9).

How to identify false teachers