Has the gift of speaking in tongues ceased? 

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...I don't mean to say all Pentecostals and Charismatics are headed for doom...

J. Vernon McGee predicted that the church would have to go underground because of the denominational churches. I think we're right about there.

My pastor recently said, "We pray for everybody--Catholics, Pentecostals, [one-eyed goats]..." So I added the one-eyed goats bit. 1 Co 14:39

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We now have the complete word of God, we do not need any tongues or prophecies.

Am 3:7 We have all we need in God's word. There are treasures in there yet to be found. Little brother Natan found this one אֹות, אֵת [Zech 12:10]. He told the rabbis they'd be so surprised. Everyone knows the name Jesus. They're going to know, too. Joe 2:28

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...[T]here should always be someone interpreting...

Does your church have an interpreter?

Queue jeopardy theme

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At some point it would be interesting to talk about the other 8 gifts of the Spirit and not always about tongues.

The other gifts? They got kicked out the back door into the parking lot. Dead denominations have no interpreter because the Holy Spirit left the building. Elvis is still there.

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...power gifts

You don't go to dead denominations looking for power--that's in the holy of holies. They sit outside with the gentiles.

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[Does your church have an interpreter? ] No and neither does yours.

Of course it doesn't. They've all been run outta town. No elders there to discern what is of God. Individuals meet in big, dead buildings.

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If tongues have ceased so has the rest of the supernatural gifts.

Are you asking me to argue that you have gifts? Ac 2:16, 1 Co 14:1  

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No and your banter is shallow.

:yawn: Lk 12:10

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He speaks to us by his Spirit and those of his Spirit can hear him.  in whatever natural language because it is with the heart and the mind (one's spirit) that one hears him.

Still small voice. Get so close you can hear his heartbeat. Ro 8:14

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[Lk 12:10] Stop being coy and state your point.

:yawn: Lk 12:10 is my point.  Use the Google (G. Bush) to look it up. 

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Jesus also said a wicked generation asks for a sign but none shall be given it except the sign of Jonah...

People responded badly to his miracles, yes. What does that have to do with the Holy Spirit moving as he'd like in the world today?

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...[T]he world still continues to look for a sign...

 I'm not looking for a sign. :idunno: How rude to ask for a sign. 


Has the gift of speaking in tongues ceased?