Guardian Angel from Hell

[Baby Charlie Gard’s gov’t-appointed ‘guardian’ is a euthanasia activist | LifeSiteNews | London] “The government-appointed lawyer who supposedly speaks for Charlie Gard in court is the Chairman of Compassion in Dying, an "end-of-life" advocacy group with a sister organization that supports assisted suicide.

Victoria Butler-Cole is listed as Compassion in Dying's chairman on its website and in its financial documents. At the bottom of every page of Compassion in Dying's website, it links to its "sister organisation" Dignity in Dying (formerly called the Voluntary Euthanasia Society).

"Compassion in Dying supports people to use their existing rights within the law," it says. "We do not campaign for assisted dying, that is the focus of our sister organisation - Dignity in Dying."…” Full text: Baby Charlie Gard’s gov’t-appointed ‘guardian’ is a euthanasia activist Pr 8:36


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Guardian Angel from Hell