Falling away from the faith (it's possible)

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The OSAS people might have some two cents to put in.

Many false converts believe in OSAS. They knew Jesus; but, Jesus never knew them (Mt 7:23).

"Man's own religion usually descends to the fleshly life to which they themselves practice." ~ Jim Andrews


Apostasy & Eternal Security

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Moses never entered into the promise land because of his unbelief...

He struck the rock twice. Jesus was smitten once not twice (1 Co 10:4, 1 Pe 3:18). Besides, he's not finished with his ministry yet (Re 11:5).

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It is very possible for faith to fail.

Man fails God. God doesn't fail man (1 Co 13:8). The rich man in Hades (holding place for the unrighteous dead) knew that God was just. He never argued that he shouldn't be there (Luke 16:19–31).

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People abuse Gods commands by watering down his law. And thinking they are righteous, when they are not.

Yep. They aren't Christians (Mal 4:4-6, Mt 24:14).


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Branches that bear NO fruit are dead branches. Faith without works is dead and is not genuine faith. Once again, in John 15, we see two kinds of connections with Christ as the vine (the merely cosmic which bears no fruit and the spiritual and vital which bears fruit). Without that vital union with Christ, there can be no life and no productivity. Those who profess to know Christ but whose relationship to Him is self-attached, He neither elected them, nor saved them, nor sustains them. Eventually, the dead self-attached fruitless branches are cut off.

Everyone is chosen. Men must respond in faith.

Everyone has faith. What kind of faith--that's another matter altogether. You trust Satan, your father or God. Jn 8:44, Ro 6:18


Does God Elect Everyone?

Predestination and Will: How are predestination and election connected with foreknowledge?

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Many are called but few are chosen.

No disagreement here. Most are going to hell (Ex 23:2, Mt 7:14). Hopefully we'll get better numbers than Noah--8.

Belief in Christ is not just using faith. It is active commitment to Christ to save.

He's not a leprechaun.

They do not even think about Satan.

Even better. Do nothing and go to hell (Mark 4:15).

Falling away from the faith (it's possible)