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[Don't Fly United ]

PR Nightmare. :doh: 2 Ti 3:3 KJV, Ro 1:31 KJV


Police State

United Airlines butt of late night comedians' jokes, internet memes

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I'll be in the US in 3 weeks and have several flights booked on United Airlines. I've just seen footage of a man being dragged from his seat and dragged off a plane because the plane overbooked passengers. In another comment apparently some girls were not allowed to board their flight because they were wearing leggings.

Not the same situation. The girls were non-revs (employee benefit passes). They dress as the airline tells them to dress or they can take a bus. 1 Tim. 2:9 

Now I'm very concerned about the airline and whether we'll ever even get seats regardless of having them already paid for. What are others experience of this airline? Do I have legitimate need to worry? 

It used to be that if you had a seat assignment, you didn't have to worry. That is why you are encouraged to check in early.

United removed this passenger to accommodate deadheading employees who must go on the flight. They obviously should have offered more money until someone volunteered to relinquish their seat.

Passengers have rights as well. They've promised to get you from one destination to another.

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All U.S. Airlines do it, always have, and always will...

They claimed to have a computer system that randomly selected passengers to be removed. There is no such program in their computer. Ex 20:16

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I'm hoping for the best...

You need a lawyer (1 Ti 2:5). You've already experienced pain and suffering having read and/or watched the video.

"When I was hired, they issued me white gloves. Now, they issue me white flexcuffs." :shocked: ~ American Airlines 35-year Flight Attendant Ge 16:12, Jer 7:6, GWT

Delta: Family kicked off plane for refusing to give up young son's seat

...Told they could be jailed

 United Airlines passenger who thought she was traveling to Paris, lands in SFO Jn 8:36

Chaos Breaks Out at Airport in Ft Lauderdale After Flights Cancelled

...Passengers Riot 2 Thess. 2:7, 8

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Actually United Airlines is my airline of choice.  I like the way they take out the garbage...

Not the best character--that one. I like United, too. Fly them all the time.

US prepares to ban laptops on flights from Europe  

Hypocrites:  United Airlines Cuts Off NRA While Funding Planned Parenthood Ro 12:9-13

Don't Fly United