Does Romantic Love Exist?

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Does Romantic Love exist? 


This is reserved for marriage (Gen. 29:10, 11, Prov. 5:15–19, Matt. 19:5). :straight:Our world perverts that (Heb. 13:4). God’s way is the best way (Gen. 2:18, 1 Tim. 5:14). :Poly: Denial of this :reals: is a sign of the last of the last days (Jer. 16:2, 1 Tim. 4:1–3). :burnlib:

America replied

Romantic love exists, because there's no objective definition for the term; each person defines it…

Eew. :granite: You think some perv’ can one up God?  God made man. He blesses what he gives—marriage (Gen. 2:18–24)--nothing else (Heb 13:4). :dizzy:

MarkSC replied

The real question is about why the real world does not match our ideals.

They’re evil (Heb 13:4). :reals: God’s going fix all of that soon (Ps 50:21). Earth-dwellers are going down (Re 21:8). :burnlib:

ignatius replied

[Romantic love] No it doesn’t exist it’s just biochemical reactions.

:hetro: Be still my heart... Eph. 5:25–33


Does Romantic Love Exist?