Do you see how this deceives many?

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If you have attended any funeral for the lost, have you noticed that the minister always says things about what a good, kind person this was, and that he is in a better place now... or things to that effect?

When the minister does not speak the truth about this person, that they were not saved, that they were a sinner who rejected Christ and as a result, is not resting in peace, but in the heat of torments of hell without God, then they are helping those who are listening to the praise of this lost sinner and the false statement that they are resting in peace in heaven now, and they are thinking, if this guy made it, and we know what kind of life he led. Then I definitely have nothing to worry about...

Right, why encourage those in the church to follow him to hell. Lk 13:5

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Who decides who is saved or not?

We are fruit inspectors (Mt 7:20). :sherlock: I knew one man who told the truth about his dad at his funeral—that he was religious :olinger: but didn’t have the Lord as his savior.

Didn’t much matter—he’s also following him to hell (Prov. 2:16–19).  So are his children (Ps 50:18). :burnlib::burnlib:

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…[W]hen we glorify their wicked ways…

Didn’t we just elect the Donald? :greedy: Ps 12:8 Our culture supports the child-killing sexual sinner  (Pr 8:36, Ex 20:14).  

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[Concern for loved ones at funeral] ...You would do better to tell him about the love of Jesus...

Do you love being lied to? Jer 5:31. What do the holy angels proclaim? Love, love, love? God is love--that's not what they proclaim (Re 4:8). Here's what the deceased is hoping the moment he dies without the Lord (2 Co 5:8)--I hope my loved ones don't come here behind me (Lk 16:28). 

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They are lying to people when they say that the deceased is burning in Hell.

Hell has not been opened yet. They are in the place of the unrighteous dead awaiting judgment.  

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If one was a Christian, I would think his family and friends would have made that known.

Of course. There would have been evidence of his faith.

Why not say a prayer for the deceased?

Why would we do that? :dizzy: 2 Co 5:8. Conversion must be on this side of the grave. After death, there’s no more hope (1 Thess. 4:13; Rev. 20:10, 14, 15). It’s unpleasant for God and really unpleasant for him (Ezek. 33:11).

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..Everyone is unrighteous to some extent.

We have no righteousness of our own. If one is clothed in Christ’s righteousness (1 Cor. 1:30), he lives. :straight: If he is not, he dies (Mt 22:12). :burnlib:

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I agree that the works we must do, must be done during one or more earthly lives.

Reincarnation is not biblical (Heb 9:27). :dizzy:

…[W]e must believe in Jesus as our Savior during an earthly life. That does not mean that we are banned from praying to our loving God for any soul…

God will hear your pray if you’re his (Pr 15:29). :juggle:

…[E]ven if you, or anyone else, have decided that they are unsaved.

We are fruit inspectors (Mt 7:20). :sherlock: God knows one’s heart. When you humble yourself before him, he’ll make himself known to you (Ac 17:27, Phil 3:10). 

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...[W]e can pray for a soul who has lost his physical body.

You have a soul and a spirit (Gen. 9:6). You live forever somewhere depending on what you do with Jesus (Ac 17:27).

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...[T]he unsaved "perish/are destroyed".

You will live forever somewhere with a body fit for heaven or with a body fit for hell (Rev. 21:8).

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[You will live forever somewhere with a body fit for heaven or with a body fit for hell (Rev. 21:8).] No...

Your punishment will be: bodily (Matt. 5:29, 30), in the soul (Matt. 10:28), with various degrees (Matt. 23:14).

No one will stand at the Great White Throne (Re 20:11-13).


Do you see how this deceives many?