Divine justice and suffering

jason197754 Wrote:  And how do you respond to the justice and mercy of God apologetics?

If God isn't just, he isn't good.

Heath_Tierney Wrote:  God isn't just. That's already been established.

I disagree (Ps. 65:4).

Heath_Tierney Wrote:  If you take the parable of Noah's Ark seriously, it's abundantly clear: this God character wiped out the entire population of the earth including children in utero.

Nephilim were on the earth (Ge 6:4). [Image: frankenstein2.gif] What are ya gonna do? [Image: idunno.gif] Ge 6:9. You’ll become one yourself soon (Re 14:9-10).

Heath_Tierney Wrote:  …How about the bears killing children because they made fun of Elisha's bald head?

That was funny (2 Ki 2:23–25). [Image: redface.gif] He’s coming back by the way (Re 11). Are you gonna call the next guy baldy to his face? [Image: brows.gif] Don’t do that. [Image: bowser.gif]

Heath_Tierney Wrote:  Is that just?

Did they love God or his prophets?

Heath_Tierney Wrote:  God is unjust…

In hell you’ll realize that you’re getting what you deserve--you’ll still hate him [Image: idunno.gif]--but you won’t call him unjust (Deut. 32:4). [Image: juggle.gif]

Heath_Tierney Wrote:  Sorry, I don't see the humour in the slaughter of 42 children.
41 [Image: quoties.gif] children? [Image: sigh.gif]
Heath_Tierney Wrote:  The fact that you don't puts to rest, once and for all, the whole "religion gives people better morals" thing.
All the religious people [Image: your_dead.gif]I know are immoral so can’t help you out (Jud 11). [Image: idunno.gif]
Heath_Tierney Wrote:  I don't hate God, because God doesn't exist either.
He doesn’t exist—and you hate him. [Image: freaks.gif]

Divine justice and suffering