Could it be that we are so looking for the rapture that we are missing the mercy of God?

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We are missing the mercy of God?

:yawn: Non Sequitur

We are looking for the rapture—and we’d like our loved ones saved. There is no reason not to be in Christ now. Ac 16:31

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Oh, don't get me wrong, the holy ones will be caught up to God's throne iin Rev. 12: 5...

The Feast of Trumpets is just prior to that.

She bore a male Child who was to rule all nations with a rod of iron. And her Child was caught up to God and His throne (Re 12:5).

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…We are to be learning to do what is right, thanks to God for His Son and Spirit to guide us.

We are works in progress (Phil 3:12). :thumb:

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[T]he Feast of Tabernacles...

The Jews call it Rosh Hashana (not biblical). It's on 21 Sept 17. I'd be right with God.

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…[W]e have been born again from above…

Scotty Clarke, discoverer of the Re 12 sign, believes the body (the church) joins the head (Christ).

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I do not know when God revealed it to him, but God revealed it to me in 2008 is the earliest of my letters and posts on that that I can find, but it seems it was more like 2006.

Clarke is the first one on record having debated this--correcting others with an inaccurate timeline.

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I can not boast of knowing anything on my own as no one has anything that God did not give them…

You’re not going to become the next William Tapley are you? :doh:


The Man That (Claims To Have) Discovered Revelation 12 Sign: William Tapley

Many people have used Stellarium to search over the years. Clarke, however, found what everyone's been looking for (Re 12:1). It was painstaking to do it and he did it. We are all indebted to him.

The gifts have been being used since Peter's time (Ac 2:15) to now. They are available to anyone who would humble himself before the Lord (Ro 8:14).

A no name on YouTube found this and shared it with the world (1 Co 1:26-27).

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.... I had just seen Scotty Clarke the other day speak on it and was happy to see that someone else knows of this and that my posts were not wasted, but confirmed by another…

Everyone has looked to the Feast of Trumpets--no brainer. This Re 12 sign occurs just after the Feast of Trumpets this year. You’d have to be completely daft to be living in sin now (1 Thess 5:2). I can see him through the lattice (Sng 2:9).

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All Glory to the Lord--not Scotty, not me.

He would be the first to give God the glory. He's a Magi of our time and a fine servant of the Lord.

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Actually, I know nothing of this man you mention, I only found Scotty Clark on YT the other day...I merely am telling you that I have known that Rev. 12:5 was the birth of the sons of God who will be caught up and I have written about it on this forum and many others, even the History channel forum before they shut it down and have copies of letters that I have sent many ministries in the past years, but they always claim it is the birth of Jesus that that verse is talking about. But it is not!

Fair enough. Clarke discovered the physical sign. If you had a Holy Spirit heads up earlier, then you’ve known about this earlier than the rest of us. Some would call that a confirmation.

The theology is another matter entirely. We, his bride, don’t need signs. We trust him with or without miracles. :straight:We wouldn’t want to be accused of being an evil and adulterous generation asking for a sign.  People responded badly to his miracles in the past. :granite:

The ‘we don’t set dates’ folks don’t need to rebuke us for the sign being there on a particular date and time--as if we put it there. :idunno:

 Could it be that we are so looking for the rapture that we are missing the mercy of God?