Consequences of sinning

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...[T]he one who lives in sinning has lost sight of their freedom and sin will rule their life.


God's pretty good about making the punishment fit the crime (Is 33:1 ESV).

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Salvation is both justification and sanctification.

I have been saved (justification). I am being saved (sanctification). I will be saved (glorification).

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Righteousness is His and imputed to us.

Right. We have no righteousness of our own (Rom. 8:20–23).

Here's what we look like to God...


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The very first lie still being used by Satan through OSAS.

Yes (false convert). You won't surely die (Ge 3:4).

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...[R]emembering the story of achan should throw caution in the wind. Sin from one person could cause a whole congregation to fall.

Achans (Josh. 7:1–15) make life difficult.  

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Its about focus. What are you focused on? The sin of the world or the solution for the world?
You have to know the bad news to accept the good news (Ro 3:23, 5:8, 6:23, 10:9, 10:13).


Consequences of sinning