Christ's vs. Mohammed's view of wives, in a photo

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Bigots. Pure and simple.  Do you know any Muslims?  If you don't, stop by an Israeli University, and you will meet plenty of Muslim women. Complete with Hijab and textbooks.

Our guys and gals are more honorable (Jer 16:2, Heb 13:4).

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Have you read the Qu'ran...
Read it.
...Look up Brigitte Gabriel's talks on Islam. Read her story "Because They Hate."
Read it.

Ro 12:9

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I suffer not a woman to teach...
I suffer not that woman... Headship is not biblical (Ga 3:28).


Unbiblical Headship Doctrine
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Do you know any Muslims?

I do. One defended me in court against a Christian (Gal. 2:3-4, 1 Co 6:1-11).


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[Re: OP] ...Pride like this can only be broken by showing one like this how lied to they are by their teachers and fellow worshippers.

Pr 16:18, Mt 7:23, 1 Co 10:12

Christ's vs. Mohammed's view of wives, in a photo